Thank You For Your Service Coach

When we think of Sri Lankan Cricket – there aren’t many positives to talk about. There are only memories of constant batting collapses, fielding failures and many series losses. It is full of negatives. The coach, selectors, players, administration, first class structure and school cricket feels the heat with every loss.

But, today I just wanted to remind everyone of something positive in atrocious times like these…

When we are losing, coaches are always one of the first to get targeted. Sometimes they deserve it and sometimes they don’t. But, we as “smart fans” need to appreciate and give credit where it is due.

I don’t need to tell anyone how hard it is to perform in a constantly losing team. With constant batting failures and not having enough runs on the board to give a winning performance – our bowlers have stood up and bowled like champions.

Even in the 3rd T20, when the English Batsmen were looking at a 210+ score, our bowlers like Chameera and Binura did a fantastic job to pull them back. Even though Wanidu had an off day – he too has performed more often than not.

This is thanks to our bowling coach Chaminda Vaas and the rest of the bowling coaches.

It is almost unbelievable to see that we almost lost this legend with a pay dispute when we are paying top dollar for foreign coaches.

Vaasy, I believe, was in the High performance centre/Academy looking after all the bowlers before he became the bowling coach of Sri Lanka Cricket. So he would have contributed immensely to Chameera, Binura and the rest of the bowlers’ development.

Let’s appreciate and give credit where credit is due. For the continued service of our legend.

Thank you for your service coach Chaminda Vaas.

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