Sri Lanka, positive cricket is the way

Sri Lanka, If you want to survive in competitive cricket, you have to be positive like in 1996. This is the easy way of improve the rankings. Even the spectators not only Sri Lankan’s but all over the world people will admire your sport. What are the things we should do.

  • Find the players who are motivated to move country forward
  • Remove politics from the sport
  • Find batters who are aggressive from word go
  • Discourage negative defensive batters
  • Find wicket taking bowlers

What are the characteristics of a good player

  • Motivated to win always
  • Self less
  • Passion for the game
  • Play with good spirit
  • Not a political influence
  • Never give up attitude
  • Aggressive in nature

What are the aspects of a good batsmen we should select

  • Play positively
  • Injury free
  • Not a defensive or negative batter
  • Not give too many dot balls
  • Always looking for boundaries
  • Not fear of getting out
  • Increase the run rate

What the ODI cricket is all about ?

  • Its about High run rate
  • Maintain the healthy run rate through out the inning
  • Include batters with high Strike rate
  • Find batters who are power hitters
  • Find batters who can clear both in field and the out field

How to win the heart of fans ?

  • Don’t play for money
  • Play for passion
  • Don’t be selfish
  • Always try to win
  • Take care of your body
  • Always try to be in good shape, with out injury during your career

How to win next world cup 2023 ?

  • Select a proper cricket board administrators who genuinely love the sport
  • Appoint suitable coaching staff
  • Don’t depend on foreign domestic leagues like IPL,BPL,CPL,bid bash or County
  • Form a team like 1996
  • bat first 350 + score or bowl first restrict them below 250
  • Team must able to chase any big total
  • Team should maintain a healthy run rate through out the inning no matter how many wickets you loose
  • No political influence on the game
  • Find a best leader as a captain
  • Develop a strong team with high confidence
  • Always target the world cup instead of bi lateral series
  • Increase the ICC rankings
  • Best batsmen should play at number 4
  • Second best batsmen should play at number 3
  • Find some genuine aggressive openers (preferably not left handers)
  • Find some experienced batters who can play well under pressure and put them at number 5 and 6 positions
  • Put some genuine power hitters at number 7 and 8 position who can bowl as well
  • Find some aggressive spinners and fast bowlers
  • Don’t try to follow India,England or Australia, just try to come up with our own strategies
  • Always learn from mistakes and oppositions but we should have good plan on our own , so that other teams try to follow us
  • Don’t depend on too much on individual performance of certain players
  • Every playing 11 should contribute equally for the team
  • That type of model will win more matches
  • Because there is no high probability that 2 or 3 players will deliver you everyday

Thanks and good luck.

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