Sri Lanka needs better systems

Namal Rajapaksa and Mahela Jayawardena

Is a team only as good as the systems that sit behind it? This is an important question. It’s one that keeps coming up as Sri Lanka inspects the wreckage of the England tour. In James Clear’s book – Atomic Habits – a key idea he brings to the table is that “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall the level of your systems”. This is a powerful insight.

As James says in his book – every sports team has the same goal – to win the contest. Sri Lanka wanted to win just as much as England did. At least that’s what I assume the goal must have been before the series started. However, anyone who watched day one of the first Test will have a pretty strong case against this. For our purposes, let’s assume that winning was indeed the goal. But as Clear says “goals aren’t important – because everyone has the same goal”; to win the match, the day, the session, or the hour. It is the systems that you’ve put in place over a period of time that ultimately gets you to your goal.

So, what are the systems and processes that sit behind Sri Lanka’s national team?

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