Sri Lanka cricketers it’s up to you

Sri Lanka national cricket team

We can go on making comments, post what other big timers says, post past cricket results ,vedio’s etc but it’s up to Dimuth Karunarathne and his team to perform.

Hope they see the efforts taken by the fans and this Island page. We all are trying desperately to wake up,plead the Sri Lankan cricketers to believe in themselves, put aside what happened in the past ,if India, Pakistan and Bangladesh can perform brilliantly so you too can Dear Cricketers.

Please just one brilliant performance tomorrow 11 will lift 2.2million (guess this figure is correct )Sri Lankan’s to ecstasy, to immense thrill .

So Dear Sri Lankan cricketers just go out there and perform to your ability, enjoy a good game and with the BLESSINGS OF 2.2 MILLION SRI LANKAN’S let’s GET THEM

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