Sri Lanka cricket should think out of their shells


Problem with Cricket in Sri Lanka is not the coach the selectors should shed there fear of not utilizing talent and try to lean on safer options like selecting those seniors who doesn’t perform as any other profession if you do not perform you are out that is it.

Please don’t categorize players to different groups if they are good in one format they should be able to convert themselves to other formats as well.

Why did Asantha muddle up a winning group with continuous losers ( so called inefficient selfish seniors) They are not role models to the youngsters they could not behave even in public eye.

Simply Malinga is not Captain material he is just a cricketer who doesn’t have any respect from anyone and selfish too.Just come out of your shells , selectors go with the traditional way we it is not a bowler’s game anymore we need to score runs that is all we need batsmen who can bowl and most importantly field. We won matches with  Mahanama, Sidath, Hashan, Gurusinghe who were not dashers but good technical players.

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  1. Sorry it’s the Coach for many reasons reasons
    Following are few of them
    No other head coach in any other country was or were a Selector
    His attitudes towards players are not professional
    He prefers to control players but Coaches guide players
    Unable to keep the unity in the dressing room
    Failed miserably to give results for over 13 months
    Failed to improve performance or maintain it
    Failed to cooperate with Co Selectors
    In short have failed badly as a Head Coach to deliver expected, required results.
    So therfore you cannot blame entirely on the Selectors. We do not favour any one or any party but we see a loop hole which effects SRI LANKA CRICKET we as ardent fans we point it out for the betterment of Cricket only.

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