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Does Covid 19 affecting the Cricketers lives? 

With the death toll and the infected being rising day by day due to the covid 19 it’s sure that the world will have to wait for some time to get back to their normal lives.

In that case ‘cricketers’  is a  topic that is kept aside as we all know they are highly reputed and well earned in the modern day world. 

First Class cricketers? 

It’s true but when it comes to Sri Lankan first class cricketers they are the most under paid people in the modern cricketing world. 

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries have already taken necessary steps to secure first class cricketers lives during this pandemic, but Sri Lanka cricket has wisely kept the media run the show by giving the publicity with what they have donated for the government and raising concerns of the clubs and etc.. 

As always players comes last in SLC diaries 

Yet they have not taken a single step towards the domestic cricketers who were playing cricket till mid March and who were suppose to play till first week of April and fly to England for their main earning which is UK cricket (majority of the domestic players fly after the SL domestic season).

Sri lanka domestic season cancelled or postponed? 

What is worse is that Uk domestic cricket has been cancelled for this year, now sri lankan cricketers are facing a very severe income problem as SLC are yet to take a decision of the namely postponed first class season which is been dragged up to date for some reason which is yet to be realised.

Sri Lanka first class cricket clubs are waiting for SLC decision to release player contracts and other remaining payments, in that case we surely can see that SLC as always has put there pockets as priority. 

Is SLC keeping the tournament for granted

as Sri lanka cricket set to face financial problems we feel that they are keeping the decisions pending to prove to the cricketing world that we are safe to play and which is yet to be no where close to safe with the ongoing pandemic situation.

Trying to get the IPL, Trying to confirm the bangladesh tour, planing the england tour are some examples of  the panic inside the SLC treasures office.


Players come last in Sri Lanka? 

South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand, England has already cancelled there ongoing tournaments and has made cleared  to the players and yet Sri Lanka Cricket to deside on the future of our domestic players.

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  1. Sadly the plight of domestic cricket in SL has been raised and spoken about for years and on this forum, well probably for the last 10 years. I am not going to get in to who said what and when but suffice to say, the problem has been clear to most for years. Some, including SLC have been living in a fairy tale referring back to 1996 and an all out incorrect conclusion that our schools cricket is the best – AKA we have plenty of talent! Well…if talent is a reflection of our international team, I guess the case is closed! Not sure when SLC is going to wake up as its already too late but I assume it will be when there is no money in the game.

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