Spinners in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka need a proper spinner and a spinning allrounder to complete the ODI XI. What choices do we have?

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  1. So lets get this right. We live on spinning tracks right? So why can’t we produce a worthy spinner? How can England can out spin us at home and we cannot even bat against their spinners. Ish Sodhi is having more of an impact on the game that our spinners. This is crazy folks, we cannot live in a world where we play on spinning tracks but cannot produce quality spinners or play quality spinners. Wait a minute – this sounds like the SL parliament!

  2. I think we are out of options for the WC. Need to just to stick to Sandakan and hope he delivers and at least improve his batting a bit. Play Danajaya and that will give us 2 part time spinners (JIC) along with Dhanushka. Can we teach Shanaka to spin? 🙂