SLC sending a team to Pakistan to do a HARAKIRI

What happens to our Country’s rankings in T20s and 50 overs and it’s Country’s PRIDE by sending a weak team just to represent to get smashed . Is it a appropriate decesion, is it practical just to participate when SL is struggling desperately to lift them and to survive to remain as a top team in this tough cricketing world , it’s not a club or Association team we are speaking about its about OUR COUNTR’S CRICKET TEAM AND IT’S PRIDE.

SLC doing a HARAKIRI, what is the purpose in having these terrible decesion’s makers holding their post if they DO NOT TAKE DECESION’S TO IMPROVE MAINTAIN CRICKET FOR SRI LANKA, they should look after its cricketers and it’s Pride when its matters most. Our team is desperately trying to lift themselves from the precarious, horrendous situations they were in cause of incorrect decesions made by SLC from 2010 to date, cause they never ever had proper plans or proper people to lift cricket ,maintain or improve still they take inappropriate decision on a unsecured environment, God bless Sri Lanka Cricketersand it’s PRIDE

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