Selectors are commended for making good changes in ODI team for the second match


Selection policy adopted for the second match although not 100% perfect, has to be commended as the selectors had taken few bold decisions as noted below in the team composition.

1  Resting Thisara who was lucky during the last year to occupy a permanent position in the ODI team in spite of his long period of inconsistent performance and that only blocked the emerging of a more deserved & currently performing player for the team.

2  Include the main spinner (Akila) 

3  Play three of the best fast bowlers (Lahiru, Pradeep & Udana)

However as the series is now won by SL, I trust that they will do few more experimentation to address the remaining critical issues with regard to improving the strength of the team, while giving utmost attention to the build up of a good team for the 2023 WC. 

(BREAKING NEWS) Already Dimuth disclosed in todays press conference that they will give chances to Dasun, Shehan & Wanindu in tomorrows match.

So we can expect a much improved team for the last match. (as proposed in my last blog, except the inclusion of Akila) 

Expected team for tomorrows match;

1  Dimuth – (Av 38.8, SR 75%, R4  39%, R6  0%,  R4+6  39%)

2  Avishka – PH 1, (Av 39.7, SR 100%, R4 45%, R6 14%, R4+6  59%)

3  Kusal J – PH 2, (Av 41.4, SR 104%, R4 49%, R6 3%, R4+6  52%)

4  Shehan – (Av 36.3, SR 87%,  R4  38, R6 10,  R4+6  48%) * LA

5  Mathews – (Av 43.1, SR 80%, R4  35%, R6  7%,  R4+6  42%)

6  Dasun – PH 3, (Av 22.0, SR 114%, R4  32%, R6  33%, R4+6  65%)

7  Wanindu- PH 4 (Av 26.2, SR 112%, R4 38%, R6 21%, R4+6 59%)*LA

8  Udana- PH 5 (Av 18.9, SR 96%, R4  31%, R6  28%, R4+6  59%)

9  Akila

10  Lahiru

11  Pradeep

Above statistical records taken from Cricinfo Statguru are the latest figures for the last 6 month period starting Jan 15th 2019 

Openers for tomorrows match (Proposal)

Although Dimuth & Avishka are doing well as openers it’s my strong feeling that we can reap more benefits if we open with Avishka & Kusal Janith, as there are many reasons for that as explained below.

1  WC 2023 will held in sub continent and we can expect more batting friendly flat wickets.

2  Every team will therefore will use two aggressive openers as batting conditions will be not that difficult at the beginning of the inning as in this years WC.

3  This year England (who won the WC) used the same tactics of opening with two aggressive, power hitting openers (Jason Roy & Bairstow).

4  SL in 1996 adopted for the first time in the WC history the same tacticts (with Sanath & Kalu), were very successful and ended up by winning the WC.

5  Kusal J and Avishka make a good right & left hand combination.

6  Both Kusal &Avishka has the highest boundary ratio of 49% and 46% respectively (ref to the above statistical records) due to their exellent timing and placement especially during the initial 10 PP overs.

7  If both are in fine form SL can target 80 to 100 runs during the first PP period and this will definitely help other batsmen to achieve large team totals like 350+ regularly.

8  Dimuth’s style of batting is such that he can achieve only a SR of 75%, R4 of 39% and R6 of 0% and is more apprpriate for a batsman to play an anchor role coming at no 3.

So due to the above reasons it is worth experimenting on the opening combination of Kusal J and Avishka in the last match.


Prepared by Susantha Jayawardena


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  1. It’s a nice policy again from the selectors to give chances to four up & coming players namely Shehan, Dasun, Hasaranga and Rajitha. However I wonder whether the team selected for todays match is thin on bowling resources as Shehan usually do not bowl total quota of 10 overs. Probably either Dasun or Mathews may do 3 to 5 overs. Lets wait and see. Good luck to SL.

  2. Once again it’s a great work of our think tank to nicely manage the new batting all rounders (Dasun, Shehan & Hasaranga) in utilizing their bowling abilities with great success. Today’s top performance came from Dasun who re established his great bowling skills by taking 3 wickets. I hope he will get a permanent place in our ODI team to bat in the middle order (no 6 and after Mathews)

    During the last 3/4 yrs Dasun’s bowling abilities were not respected or utilized by the selectors and the past captains. I can remember when he first started to play for SL he took 4 or 5 wickets in his first match but thereafter he was not given any opportunity / continuity to develop his bowling skills.

    One thing we must not forget is, being a batting all rounder he can bat at no 6 position (after Mathews) and help to control a healthy RR. Only he has to improve his shot selection but if he comes to bat very late (after 40 th over) he plays only a little cameo like 25 to 30 runs in 10/15 balls as he attacks every ball and play risky shots as well. But if he bats at no 6 he can plan out his innings nicely to play a longer innings (like 60 / 80 runs in 30 / 40 balls).

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