Please stop uploading loads of crappy videos to Island Cricket in one go

Dear Contributors,

I have a kind request for some of you.  Could you please stop posting loads of videos in one go?  

Nowadays many  crappy videos about cricket are made by some youtube channels  which are run for commercial purposes.  You don’t need to upload all those videos to Island Cricket . When such a bunch of videos are uploaded daily in one go, not only it makes all important news go down in the news feed but also that ruins Island Cricket’s news feed. 

Please do a simple analysis on  videos you  have posted in the past.  If your videos haven’t got that many views and  if you aren’t rated as a top video contributor by Island Cricket either (although you upload videos daily)  that clearly indicates that neither  Island cricket viewers nor admins are interested in most of your videos.

So please at least watch the videos before uploading to avoid spam videos that don’t provide any important information rather than gossips. 

Thank you!

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