Our Cricketers don’t know the value of Our Dear Motherland Pride

It’s now obvious that our Cricketers do not know the value of our Dear Motherland’sPRIDE. These cricketers are very lucky fortunate they get paid for pathetic play, for loosing so easily cause NO VALUE for their job, and no immediate action taken against them.

Examples so many chances were given to Kusal Mendis (before diz tour) by the Million Rupee Coach also Nirosha Dickwella, Lakshan Sadakan  (not a wkt taking bowler on fast swinging overseas wkts) Nuwan Pradeep( cannot bowl consistently on good length to keep the pressure with so much exposure is a utter failer ) have they learn it’s a big NO. our Cricketers have lots of facilities plus foreign teams visiting Sri lanka But see Pakistan have issues with foreign teams visiting or playing in local conditions so much of issues look at the way they have performed  cause honesty they love Countries Pride just like India they keep on performing conitinuesly not like our Cricketers, if they have a issue with Coach , SLC officials or any other person or persons they must speak at least to current Sports Minister Harin Fernando cause he has done a lot to the cricket within 60 to 70 days, yeah it’s pathetic Million Rupee Coach is out of idea’s also ego issues with players his attitudes are much to be desired, he has miserably failed as a coach.

Another noteworthy thing is due to Sri Lankan attitudes it’s better to have a foreign Coach as no one will try to boss him will not tolerate interference so if they decide the Sports Minister should be on alert as previous SLC President made a mess of things even current man even though he has played cricket has no cricketing brain as per past records and past comments made by Island Cricket and Cricket Age.

Why we offer our comments worry so much cause we love madly this game care ,value, Respect our Dear Motherland’s PRIDE and have no personal gruge against past present or on  any one Please wake up let’s get into the wining ways Love you Sri Lanka


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  1. It’s a decent question on how does Pakistan keep producing against such turmoil. Its called talent folks, if you have talent it will perform. If you have no talent no amount of changing coaches or players will make a difference. It will only lead in an extended game of musical chairs of changing everything…just like we are doing now.

  2. Here we go again!! Stormy when it comes to negativity and gloom and doom you are the expert. As I keep repeating myself like a parrot you never fail me. I think you must be one of those who gets out of the bed in the morning saying “Gee I am going to have a shit day “!
    I don’t want to keep repeating myself again and again about your constant backflips from Srilanka having talented players when we are winning opposed to not having talent when we are on the other end.
    Didn’t we just beat South Africa in their own backyard. Didn’t we unearth Viswa Fernando and Oshada Fernando? Who were part of the reason we won. How long you keep going on your monotonous boring rants about Srilanka not having talent? And then do a backflip when we aren’t winning?;
    Be constructive don’t be a wet blanket!!

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