Open letter to the President – “Save the game we loved “

Sri Lanka Cricket SLC

I started following Cricket when I just 12 in 1992 world cup as a 12-year-old kid. I was so fascinated, coloured clothing, beautiful grounds in Australia and New Zeland. Sri Lanka managed to beat South Africa and Zimbabwe,

That match with Zimbabwe Sri Lanka chased 300 + runs, and that was the first time a team have chased 300 plus runs in a winning cause in a One Day International.

From 1992 to 1996 Team was playing decent Cricket and very competitive even though not winning enough.

World cup trump in 1996 and the next 18 years until 2014 being the golden Era of the of our National Team. When the time of the strife Cricket used to be the only bragging rights we Sri Lankans had.Non-resident Sri Lankans all around the world when interacting with the rest of the world had something to be proud.

With the passenger next to you in a plane, talking to a stranger in a bar, or a colleague at work, Cricket used to be the only thing we used to brag, kept our heads high because of so many negatives about the country at the time.

1996 to 2014 Sri Lanka managed to reach six would cup Finals, the most consistent team in International Cricket with Australia in ICC Major tournaments, what an achievement for a small island nation with 21 million people.Most unorthodox yet very talented cricketers were emerging from all parts of the island at the time, creating world records, beating team records and that was unbelievable ran we had.

I am writing this while watching under 19 world cup final between India and Bangladesh, Bangladesh team might win this time they need 35 more runs and three wickets in hand, I am so thrilled for them. Sri Lanka managed 10th spot, our Cricket have hit rock bottom, and this is the latest example and where we stand right now.

When the Bangladesh team playing in Sri Lanka in early 2000 to 2014, we know that match will finish in 3rd or 4th day and 9 out of ten times SL used to win by innings, as a Cricketing nation Bangladesh has come a long way, we have declined front of all our loyal fans. Why they are successful, and why we are not, time to dig deep and find the root cause.

Political leadership or the governing body have certainly done nothing to improve this game. The leadership of the country in the past allowed or closed eyes & let the board do what they want, many allegations of bookie owners were running the Cricket yet no actions have taken.

Funny enough administrators were briefing media about making ground with 50000 capacity yet not able to select 11 players that can compete against a decent team.

Chief Selector needs an assessment from a psychiatric to see if he is in proper mental condition, he dropped a player who arguably played the best Test Match innings of all time after four matches. Whole cricket fraternity has backlashed him.He cited unacceptable reasons and replaced with a player who failed continuously over the years.

As fans, we have not played any international or first-class cricket, but we can clearly understand that those who governed the Cricket has no common sense or competencies to run the game we all love.

Our humble request is to you please involved and interfere and appoint suitable officials who can take this game forward, please don’t allow this group of people who are currently at the helm to spoil our National Pride, we know well that they intend to make money yet nothing else,

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