The names of Roshan mahanama and Naveed nawaz are being talked about as the most suitable coach for the Sri Lankan cricket team. However, there is a question as to whether a foreign coach will be appointed.  Do not want to.  The srilanka cricket team will be in a better position to appoint domestic coaching staffs like other teams.

 Below are some suggestions- —

Director of cricket – mahela Jayawardena

Head coach – Roshan mahanama  & Batting coach – Marven attapattu

Fast bowling coach – Chaminda vaas

Spin bowling coach – Rangana herath or piyal Wijayathunga

Fielding coach – ruwan kalpage or Upul chandana

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  1. Good dream. Mahela can not even afford 3weeks and Herath is already locked up with Bangaladesh. What is the disadvantage we see with Mikey Arther? We Srilankans have a mentality of hating foreign coaches. Micky Arthur did not have a lot of tournaments or practice sessions to groom this team. Also, he had a lot of hiccups from the SLC management during his tenure. Things like removal of senior players, UK bubble breach, contract issues etc.
    When we won world cups we were coached by foreign coaches. It is just we need better administartion

  2. This is the epitome of stupidity, why when a coach finally starts to fix the team and address its many issues do people wish to get rid of him. Mickey arthur should wholeheartedly stay on and continue as coach. Chopping and changing coaches will only lead to a period of uncertainty where the new coach will have to try and understand and come to grips with the team.