Malinga only gives talks no work

In the begining of this world cup he was really critical of sri lankan cricket. Allways talking negative about other players. Please look at his own performance today against India. He was unable create any sort of trouble against Indian openers today.

He was just a worst bowler than an odinary and was leaking valuable runs at the start. When considering his own performance on this world cup only against England , Afganistan and West Indies he delivered. Cricket is just a team game. It proved that when nuwan pradeep and Lakmal was not there he was not able to take wickets by alone.

When you look at the above 3 matches against West Indies Mathews was able to make a crutial break through. And against other wins other bowlers also were able to take impotant wickets. He was effective in IPL matches because there are too many domestic players. And today in Indian match he is just a net bowler.

Captain dimuth showed no captaincy today. He played really badly at top against Bumrah building unnecessaray presure at the top and playing a loose shot. He used to criticise other batters in press conferences  but never showed any truth to him self and acepted his own bad impact on the game at the top. Against south Africa he started the innings as crazy as possible giving away his wicket and applying extra pressure rest of the batting line up. At the end said middle batted with unwanted pressure. 

He is not a good captain. Also he stated that our players should seek foriegn domestic premier leagues for expreience. We should stand up on our own with out depend on IPL. IPL is all about India. Now they are top at the table. Playing IPL is not the solution for our success. We should beat any team without partcipating those leagues. 

Like pakistan won the champion trophy ww should stand up alone. How we beat England. We played our brand of cricket. Now world cup was lost many officials will be eliminated from thier roles. Malinga is not a best player he just had a unusual action. Personaly I think cricket is not about unusual actions like Bumrah,Murali, Sunil Narine,Ajmal or buveneshwar kumar. Its about playing proper cricket.

Malinga in the recent just a public speaker in the media. His own performance is decreasing with the time. Not developing with time. He should have not partcipated in this world cup. Look at his body. No commitment to remain in good shape. He has negative influence in the dressing room. 

Playing IPL ruined Sri Lankan cricket. We dont want players like AB Deviliers , Christ Gayle, Andre Russell, David Miller or Imran Tahir. They just a show off in IPL. Never able to win for their countries. Just play for your country. Do your basics you can win.


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  1. Well kalof , youre just a keyboard warrior , whilst Malinga is someone who has achieved feats and done so much for the country .It because of fools like you , that theres unneccassary pressure constantly going around to chop and change the team . Just one failure against a top quality team and you say drop this drop that , he sucks , that guy sucks …

    This Sri Lankan side has done the impossible in this world cup .We finished in 6th place , when even our own fans expected us to end up at 9th or 10th .

    As for Dimuths captaincy , it has been excellent . He has managed the limited resourced he has very well and mind you its his first real ODI exposure since the last world cup and he was thrown into the deep end with the Captaincy and has showed that he has the cool calm head that sri lanka needs and can build on for the next world cup .

    Malinga has been a great servant of Sri Lankan Cricket .Its because of ungrateful fools like you that he is constantly undervalued .He had an off day yesterday , after a whole career of good days … He held our bowling attack together for years on end .His stats speak for himself , kalofs opinion just doesnt matter lol .Even in the windies game he had two catches dropped in his first spell .He couldve had 4 wickets in that first spell and then thisrara dropped one at the back end .Ever thought of that ?

    This team has what it needs to build on for the next world cup .We just need a few changes and some proper quicks and a genuine spinner. Just add Shanaka , Akila , Chameera and Pradeep and we’ll have a well balanced squad .

  2. mr Cric guru,
    I dont know why this site provides blog facilities to poeple. We have the freedom of typing our view on any match. I know most of the poeple even cant understand or even agree with my view. You say im a key board hero.
    I like to play cricket for my country. Im not lucky enough to get selected.
    So what i can do is that i write what ever thing i want. Poeple like you never understand what i write. You may be a big fan of malinga. Actually I like him in the initially. But now I dont see he is a value to our team.
    I can have any view. You guys satisfy with small amount of achievements like 6th place of the table.

  3. As an neutral fan of Sri Lanka Cricket I don’t have a favorite player or I don’t like to put bad comments on our players of Sri Lanka Cricket but Lasith Malinga is deserved to be called as a legend of Sri Lanka Cricket after Sangakkara Mahela Dilshan and Rangana era.
    Without Lasith Malinga SL would have ended up been losing more matches and now he is gone let’s see whether our new pace bowlers will be able to stand up or not for our country to win matches in future.Hope SLC will take correct decisions this time after making lot of errors since the 2015 CWC

  4. Sure Malinga had a bad day against India but he certainly has been our key bowler for this WC. Yes Malinga also speaks his mind but I actually like that. Bottom line is Malinga is a white ball legend and one of a kind at international level. He has certainly lost his pace and effectiveness following injury but it’s time to get ready to bid this real hero farewell.

    I must say I wasn’t too kind to Malinga a not too long ago even his beloved Mumbai Indians didn’t pick him in the IPL due to poor form. At that stage he was a burden but to the great mans credit, he got some fitness back and started to put together some useful performances ahead of the WC and deserved to lead the attack. But don’t expect him to be as effective in the past as he is clearly past his best now.

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