List of former players who should have played more for Sri Lanka

Ian Daniels

These are few players that we lost due to SLC’s bad management of players.

  1. Ian Daniels
  2. Michel Vandort
  3. Tilina Kandamby
  4. Kaushalya Weerarathna
  5. Prabath Nissanka
  6. Charitha Buddika
  7. Dinuk Hettiarachchi
  8. Kaushal Lokuarachchi
  9. Chanaka Welagedara
  10. Saman Jayantha
  11. Naweed Nawaz
  12. Chinthaka Jayasinghe
  13. Indika De seram
  14. Sujeewa De silva
  15. Akalanka Ganegama

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  1. The writer should have at least referred to the most important recent performance (during the last 12 or 24 months period) of all these cricketers he has listed above as provided in Cricinfo Statistical records before posting such an irresponsible statement.

    The real truth is none of the above players have performed consistent enough so that they were to be considered for any team selection. If you think of a player/s who do not have a consistent performance record, we can produce list of even 50 players such as above and that doesn’t mean that every such player should be selected for a squad of 15/16 players in any format. Please think about the selection criteria used by our selectors, and I think our selectors are doing a very good job during the recent past in picking the best squads out of 25 to 30 pool of players.

    • Thanks for your reply Mr Susantha, please read my title, i’m saying that they should have played more if Sri lanka managed them properly. Now its a cake walk for the new comers.

      If atleast if these players remian in the circut it would have been a different story.