Just a normal match

Our fans should take the match with Bangladesh non emotionally. England & Aussies,India & Pak great rivalries we know. And there is an attempt in the world cricket media to bracket us with Bangladesh as the next great rivalry because of this nagin dance etc some of our fans shout. This is sheer ludicrousy. It is better to get a great rivalry with South Africa ( ABD’s off season talk etc) or NZ or WI etc. Stop making this clash with BD as a big one. Take this match as a minor non emotional one .Stop this foolish talk as revenge ,n– dance,snake talks anymore with BD. Do you want to get bonded with them as the great rivals?? Tell your colleagues and friends too not to do so & use their brains.Last thing Sri Lanka want is to bracket with them.


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  1. As Cricket lovers we want our revenge back ,I realy dn’t understand what you are talking about?? Just one match we could move, this has happen becoz of Hathurusinghe factor , these kind of motivations could change our cricketers, watch some cricket you would understand, Our woonded lions more dangerous bro

  2. Cricket maybe just a game for some
    a. But if you don’t have emotions then you are just a robot. We talk about players doing something special for what happened in Easter is all about emotions. Pumping fists in the air after taking a wicket or scoring a 50 or 100 is all about emotions. After what happened when we last played against this bunch of thugs who not only destroyed the dressing room but did something in the middle of the pitch to humiliate us furthermore after the game, if we don’t show them what we are capable of by giving them back what they deserve. Let’s hope our boys run those cocky morons noses to the Bristol dirt.

  3. Do not misunderstand, we take this game lightly.We should do all what we can do to take this revenge. But do not flood our face books, ICC face books etc with this sort of words N– dance,revenge ,all that big words into the WORLD MEDIA. They are going to make this as the third rivalry sort of. Hereafter any match between our two nations will be portrayed as such. Do you think it is good?Hope you can understand what is meant here. We should not get these thugs stuck on our backs as great rivals!

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