Is Sri Lankan cricket way below the standard of T20I?

Sri Lanka T20 World Cup squad to be announced this week - Sri Lanka Cricket News

Is it fair to say when comparing some of the cricket teams around the world that Sri Lankan National cricket team is way below the standard of t20i, one can argue most of the international cricket countries has a local t20 tournament, where many local cricketers gets a chance to rub shoulders with international greats.

Sri Lanka’s recently concluded Lanka Premiere league was it successful will there be another addition of it??

It is sad to see the current state of the cricket in Sri Lanka considering a nation in last twenty years performed reasonably well in and always produce some unique and talented cricketers is currently suffering.

Where can you point the finger at for the standards to go down that badly, there has been no discipline by the younger cricketers, one point you hardly would read a Sri Lankan cricketer has breach curfew.

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