Mahela being a consultant for T20 WC – a cherry on top of the ice cream or too many chefs in the kitchen?

very Sri Lankan cricket fan was excited when they heard the news Mahela will be the consultant for T20 world cup squad. Well, that will certainly add some boost to the players but what difference it can bring in the results.

First, once asked MJ said he won’t take any positions in SLC without changing the core structure. That is; the current management will not let him do his job as it does/did to other coaches. So, what changed now? Can the technical committee with limited or no powers and a strong sports minister change everything? I don’t think so. I say strong sports minister because of the support he has not that he is so strong on building a better cricket team. We will need to wait and see that.

Mahela can be the big moral support for players but can he choose his best playing 11? Well, Aravinda said he can but what about others? Will Pramodaya and others agree with his playing 11?

Will Mahela be sitting in the dugout? How Micky, Grand flower, and even Vaas will take it?  Will they let an intern make decisions even though the intern is coming from Harvard? Everyone in the core management is senior to Mahela. Will Mahela be the supreme guy to control everything? I don’t think so!

Above all, he is going to be with the team for only a week and then returning home. Is he accepting the job because he can’t say NO to Namal or he believes he can add some value to the team with his one-week assignment?

And I am more concerned about Mahela’s confidence and mindset now because of the way Mumbai Indians is performing in IPL. Mumbai Indians is his bread and butter for his coaching career. If that is not going well how that is going to affect his confidence before he is trying to boost the confidence of the SL’s squad.

We have too many chefs in the kitchen now. SLC, Technical committee, Mahela, selection committee, and two wonderful foreign coaches! And then forget to mention all these social media critics. So, All Chefs please work together and throw your egos away and bake a good cake rather than burning it.

Whatever it is we want some improvements in the SL squad whether it comes from Mahela or others we want at least some good wins and losses with a good fight from the team. Just one month away from seeing this.

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  1. This article does not have any value and shows no difference to many write ups of social media appearing these days which are prepared by people who do not have any knowledge on SL cricket issues. First of all, how can someone put a legendary cricketer like Mahela (even Sanga) in to the group of ordinary past cricketers like Pramodaya etc. Take for example how the Indian cricket system is properly operated, where past legendary cricketers like Dravid, Shasthri and many others are working successfully with so many cricket related people.

    Our Mahela and Kumar (even Arawinda) know their limits & responsibilities very well. We as cricket fans need to understand that and give more respect to them instead of suspecting them for any wrong doings or neglecting their responsibilities. .

    Even SLC should now think of getting the maximum involvement of our past legends in the game to improve the performance level of our young team which lacks international experience in T20 format.

    • Susantha, you have the answer in your comment. The point of the article is how can Mahela brings wonders in one week’s time. We all know how ego our SLC officials are. So with the same system and same officials how can the like of Mahela and Kumar bring changes. They are the ones who said we need to change the system, not the personnel.

      I am not against the addition of Mahela but I want the system to let Mahela function on his own or bring in more legends with a long-term plan. For me, it sounds like MJ accepted this because he can not say to Namal and Aravinda.