Incompetent selectors of last 2 decades

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A winning Team needs batters, the class of Root, Kholi,Williamson, Rohit, KL Rahul, … that can always offer straight bat giving full-face blessed with lightning reflexes. If a batter doesn’t have those proper skills, of bringing his bat straight down, giving full-face and unable to stroke the ball intentionally all along the ground, it’s very difficult for such batter to survive unless it’s a flat track. Our WC Team had only 3 such batters in Mathews, KusalM & Dhananjaya deS, that could come any closer to the above-mentioned great players, for example, are epitomes for consistency. All those foreign players mentioned above have a very clear consistency record from their school days. AviskaF is a  one such player to be persisted with,[ he was the most OS Schoolboy bat of 2017]  unlike the way Atthapathu, Samaraweera, Chandimal, RoshenS & Asela G were treated by those incompetent unqualified selectors, particularly the one from Panadura who’s responsible for bringing in many a very ordinary player, to National level without any clear proof. One good example of this was the using of Dilruwan Perera as an opening bat against England in 2007 and taking him to Australia 2008 as an opener. Not a single media institution or a single senior player queried about this horrible inclusion. I invite all interested fans to verify his stats as a batsman in the Cricketarchives during the period 2007- 2008. Even now his 1stCl Ba Av reads 23.68 as at 10 07 2019, then again he was used as T20International bowler in 2011 against Australia, the most interesting part out of all was the dropping of World’s No ONE T20International bowler at that time to accommodate Dilruwan.

That is why we need respectable, impartial, knowledgeable past Nationals of Rahul Dravid’s class as selectors. Selectors have to be true gentlemen in the first place, should be prepared to field even their worst enemy’s son, if he was the best out of the whole lot. They have to consider the whole career of a player before picking players for any level and should concentrate more on such Cricketers with flawless school careers. Such as Chandimal, BhanukaR, Dickwella, Sadeera, Asalanka, PaithumN, ShammuAshan, AshenBandara.. , All these players are the ones who have passed their Cricket Advanced Levels with highest grades though incompetent selectors ignore them to accommodate henchmen of influential parents. The list is very long to be mentioned here. It’s very difficult to win a tournament when too many henchmen are included in a squad. A winning team should be comprised of six star-class batters plus, 5 proven bowlers the class of MalindaP, Sachithra Serasinghe, true All-rounders UmeshKarunaratna [ the best Schoolboy Cricketer 2008 ], SachithraSerasinghe, Shehan Jayasuriya, Lahiru Madushanka   together with Pace-bowlers BinuraF, AsithF,…First 2 can boast of having 1st Class Average which are below the 20s with740& 535 1si Class Wickets respectively, what’s more selectors want them to prove


2015 සිට2016 තෙක් සිටි,සිදත් වෙත්තමුනිප්රධාන InterimCommittee එක නැත්නම් අද කුසල් මෙන්ඩිස්ලංකාවෙටීම් එකේ නෑ. Young player කෙනෙක්ගෙtalentඑක, identify කරන එක හැමගෝතයටම කරන්න පුලුවන් කාර්ය්යයක් නොවෙයි.ඒක ඉන්දියාවෙ Tendulkar, Dravid වගේ  පිතිකරණයේඅගතැන්පත් අයගෙ කාර්ය්යභාරයක්. 6 පාරවල්ගහන අයට වැඩිය Team එකටඅවශ්ය over 50 ක් wkt බේරගන bat කරන්න පුලුවන්, කරල  පෙන්නල,ඔප්පුකරල තියෙන batsmanල. මෙතන අනිවාර්ය්යයෙන්මChandimal,RoshenS,AselaG,SadeeraS,Dickwllella,PathumN  වගේකුඩා කාලෙ ඉඳලම වැඩපෙන්නපු,ගහන පාරේ විශ්වංශණීයභාවයක්තිබෙන, ක්රීඩකයො ඉන්න ඕනෙ. edgeවෙවී,Missවෙවී හැමතිස්සෙම පොළවටඋඩින් ගහන්න බලන batsmanලගෙන්, Test Teamඑකට වත් ,50-over Teamඑකටවත්, ශත5 ක ප්රයෝජණයක්නෑ.

ඒ වගේම පන්දුයැවීමෙ control එකක් තිබෙන MalindaP,SachithraS,AsithaF,BinuraFernado,LahiruMadushankaවගේ පන්දුයවන්නො ඉන්න ඕනෙ. කුසල්M  වගේමේ ක්රීඩකයින්වත්, මුලින්ම Team එක ඇතුලට ගෙනාවනම්,අපිට අපේ ගරුත්වය රැකගන්න තිබුන.

දක්ෂක්රීඩකයින්ගෙන්  උපරීමසේවය ලබාගන්න නම්, ඔවුන්ගෙ දක්ෂකම්  අගැයීමටලක්කීරීම,ඔවුන්ට ගෞරවයෙන් කථාකිරීම ඉතා අවශ්යයයි. උදා.: 2015 සිට 2016  Interim Committee කාලෙ,Innings20ගනනකට,  ChandimalගෙODI Batting Ave 64 සීමාවටආව. Team එකට අවශ්ය වෙලාවටවැඩ පෙනන්න පුළුවන් ක්රීඩකයො තමයි නියම දක්ෂයො,එහෙම නැතුව Flat wktඑකක, chances 4-5ක්දීල, ඉඳල-හිටල 50ක්ගහණ අය නොවෙයි, Team එකවැටිල ඉන්න වෙලාවට වැඩපෙන්වන battersල තමයි Tournament එකක්දිනන්න අවශ්ය වෙන්නෙ.

උදා:( 1 ) Chandimal2018 June,WIවල2nd Test  match  එකේunbeaten 119 [  3-match Test Series එක Drawn ],

( 2 )ඒවගේම 2017 Dec Delhi2nd Test [ 164 ] , ඒmatchඑකේම RoshenSගෙ [debut matchඑකේ] unbeaten 74 එක, [3-match Test Series එක Drawn,  ]

( 3 ) අශේලGගෙ 2nd T20I (N), SriLanka tour of Australia at Geelong, Feb 19 2017 84*8th Match Group B, ICCChampions Trophy at London, Jun 8 2017 34* .

මේවගේතනියම match එකක් බේරන්න පුලුවන්ක්රීඩකයො තමයි Team එකට අවශ්ය.

ඒ වගේම පන්දු යැවීමෙcontrol එකක් තිබෙන MalindaP,SachithraS,AsithaF,BinuraFernado,LahiruMadushankaවගේ පන්දුයවන්නො ඉන්න ඕනෙ. කුසල්M  වගේමේ ක්රීඩකයින්වත්, මුලින්ම Team එක ඇතුලට ගෙනාවනම්,අපිට අපේ ගරුත්වය රැකගන්න තිබුන.

ඒ වගේම පන්දු යැවීමෙcontrol එකක් තිබෙන MalindaP,SachithraS,AsithaF,BinuraFernado,LahiruMadushankaවගේ පන්දුයවන්නො ඉන්න ඕනෙ.

දැන්ඉන්න පාලකයො මෙම කරුණුවල වැදගත්කමදන්නෙ නෑ.ඔවුන්ගෙ හැකියාවන්ටගෞරවය දක්වල,ඔවුන්ගෙන් උපරීම ප්රයෝජණ ලබාගන්න දන්නෙ නෑ.

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  1. A system is a reflection of its people and SLC is a reflection of the administrators. We can stand around and call for x,y & z would have done better than the selected squad but the reality is we have been saying this since the 2015 WC.

    One of our favorite past times is criticize selectors and keep changing them. De Mel had a stint before was thrown out and recalled – sounds familiar? No wonder the selectors have the same strategy!