ICC please ban Bumrah

We have noticed akila dananjaya being reported for suspicious action. How come Bumrah is not getting reported . His action is definitely not ok. The current success of Indian team is due to this unfair advantage he is having by throwing the ball.

I wish India wont win 2019 world cup. If they are going to win then hope ,he will get injured or get reported or dropped from the squad.

As spectators we must protest against this ICC’s Double standard . It is unfair for the game of cricket. Look how ugly is his action .


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  1. I haven’t watched Bumrah so closely to pass on any comment. Then again i am not an expert in this matter.
    But there are some quiet murmurs within the non Indian cricket fraternity that Ashvin has a suspect action. I don’t know if that was the reason Asvin was kept away from the limelight with the excuse that he was injured. Even though he was picked for the 2nd and 3rd test but didn’t play.
    I am sure someone here might have more information and shed light on what I mentioned above.

  2. @ Kalof : Current success of Indian team is because of Bumrah !! Did you see cricket or not ? India won the ODI series against Australia in Australia without Bumrah. India won the ODI series against New zealand in New Zealand without Bumrah. Current Indian team is strong such that they can leave anyone out and come winning.
    If you think Bumrah action is ugly and unfair, first ask Malinga about the same.

  3. im not against indian team .im really happy how they are performing at the moment. And they are favorite for cricket lovers . But i love to see them winning without bumrah . Yes in new zealand they won it without having bumrah . Bumrah was in the team when india won the test series .that momentum carried to new zealand so that you have rested kholi also . But real reason for this success is india bowling performance in australia tests .
    Bumrah was major reason for that . ICC should consider unusual suspicious bowling actions all across the world . Otherwise it is not fair to the game

  4. Folks, if I may point out that those of us still sitting on an arm chair and calling guys for chucking have absolutely no idea of how the law on chucking works. This is also the reason on field umpires are not allowed to call a chuck on the field neither do TV commentators have this discussion.

    What I will say is, I am surprised that only selected bowlers are asked to get tested. The better idea would be to test guys all the time regardless of action. Recall the first time they checked this, even Mcgrath (and 99% of bowlers) was over the limit – so they changed the limit. It is possible that Bumrah and/or Ashwin (or Jimmy or Steyn) are chucking, but what is impossible is for use to just make this call so get over it guys.

  5. Stormy, I know that you have a great analytical mindset. You seem to come up with remarkable humdingers. You never cease to amaze me. Like you predicted Marvelous Marvan was the best coach to coach Srilanka. And of course everytime Srilanka is not winning you try to be the Pied Piper calling Srilanka doesn’t have talent. Then we win you do the best backflips even legendary Ashley Watson would envy stating we have talented bunch of Cricketers.
    Did you care to understand what we are trying to convey here ? All we are suggesting that ICC seem to screen and scrutinize bowlers from counties other than England, Australia and India. Strangely Shaminda Eranga(Where is he?), Tharindu Kaushal and Sachithra Senanayake got reported playing against India and England? Isn’t that strange, none of the bowlers from England or India doesn’t throw? There were some eyebrows raised about Andrew Flintoff by his own countrymen but he never got reported. What Kalof and me are trying to say is that there are bowlers from India who doesn’t get scrutinized like our bowlers. ICC pick and choose whom they want to target. As we all know there is one rule for big three and different rule for others .
    I do agree our coaches should have done better so we don’t have to go through this ignominy of having our players reported playing in the big stage where it should have been deprived dealt in lower level.

    Shakthivel, as your beloved team is playing well you must be proud as punch, if they can win in England is another matter. But looks like you watch cricket with your TV upside down!! Compare Bumrahs action against Malingas? Chalk and Cheese. Are you for real!

    • Hopefully England will happen. I can never compare Bumrah to Malinga now. But I said in the perspective of bowling action not more than that. Hmm who knows one day i may compare Bumrah to Malinga. Hope he perform as such.

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