How to give a good performance in the 2nd Test

We observed a tense victory in the previous match,but several things have to be corrected as soon as possible before for the next match. If you analyse match was swung between Sri Lanka and South Africa. In the first day Sri lankan seamers bowlers bowled well. They took wickets,the first mistake done was the review against Hashim Amla. We would have requested it very sooner. No excuses for the captain,even it is his first match as the captain ,since you are representing the country be more alert. Also the umpire did the big mistake but need to be more responsive.

South africa managed to score 235 , Sri lanka would have reduced them for a smaller score than that. De cock played a good inning. Need to find a way to take his wicket in the next match otherwise he will break your dreams. Another thing is that du plesis got out for a leg side ball in the first inning, that type of break through not going to happen in the next match. In South africa’s second innings he dragged game away from us until vishva produced a superb delivery to trap him for LBW.

Also in Sri Lanka’ s first inning only 191 was scored , we would have scored 275 plus score without paniking. Look at the way batsmen got out Oshada fernando did not take the review and he was not out ,another bad decision by Aleem dhar. Also thirimanna would have scored than that in the first inning. Talking about kusal mendis , I think he should bat at number 3. He will score more runs there. Number 4 is not the possition for him. Also the way dimuth got out in both innings tell you that he has to improve his technique to the balls pitching just inside leg stump line and hiting leg stump. For that type of balls he tends to play a short to midwicket or mid on areas, but he hardly move his feet during the shot. It is lazy kind of a shot and bowlers like philander who makes subtel changes in very acurate manner allways going to prevent him scoring big runs. In the next match dimuth has to turn his 30’s into big scores.

Sri lanka also needs to find a way to stop opposition’s  big batting partnerships. In South africa’s the second inning du plesis and de cock took the game away and Sri lanka was clueless until ambuldeniya got de cock for LBW. Dickwella did not contribute in both innings while batting. So he needs to score big. The way thirimanne got out in the second innings was not and when slips are there you should not drive to the rising balls which seam away well out side the of the off stump. Better to play cut or do a check drive than a front foot drive for balls like this speciallly when you build your inning.

Sri lanka bowlers should learn from South Africans, that they bowled so much variations with superb acuracy within corect line and lenghth by creating doubts on batsmen’s mind. Should apriciate the batting of ambuldeniya’s contribution with the bat in the first inning. He fought for the country by facing 63 balls and was responsible for reaching 191 in the first ining. He must learn to short pitched balls and also he got out in the first ining after rabada broke his focus by giving him a funny touch on his glows. In the next match team should learn to allways be head of the bowlers mentaly as well.

Kasun rajitha batted really well in the first ining but he was run out due to unawareness of where the ball travellled. Thouse type of things can not be happened in the next match. Suranga lakmal bowled well but only took one wicket. He must find away to take wickets by studying from opposition’s tactics. de cock has told during the first day interview that had a plan against lakmal to not give wickets to him. Ambuldeniya took five wickets but he needs to carry on this performance to the next match as well. Now south africa will play him carefully and will be determined more to not give way wickets for him. So it will be tough for him.

While chasing the 304 danajaya played very well with kusal until he unsuccessfuly tried to swip maharaj. Next time he should play swip only to the balls that pitch on leg stump not to the middle line balls. Kusal janith played a superb ining. But other team members must contribute more in the next game. Play aggressive boundaries like him,which will boost up not only your cinfidence but the team mindset as well.

Finally please careful when you celibrate your victory. The team meetings that you discuss your personal view should not be shared on online. Some how it is good that it went on social media. It is showed why that team lost so many matches recent past. This is not a club team or village team. This team is respresenting the country. It is good that these type of team talk went to public. The team talk so much important for a team sport. Players must learn how to speak,it comes naturally within you have a desire to win for your country. That is how you motivate the intire unit. Every player should not be scared to express their views. We as spectators expressing our view. Please remember that poeple in sri lanka love cricket and so much youngsters like to represent the country. But only few poeple are lucky enough to represent. So do not let away this moral boost to turnaround the momentum.

Try to win the first test series in south africa either with a win or a draw. Be careful to express your view on your team talk. Just play for the country ,not for a captain or a coach or player. Poeple come and retire. But the team has to perform consistently.

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