How to bowl in South Africa Tests?


After following last few test matches we came to know that we do not know how to bowl in fast bowling tracks. We observe how their batsmen make huge partnerships by scoring huge hundreds after we had taken important break throughs. We take 3 or 5 wickets for very low score but some how two batsmen make a huge partnership all of a sudden match turns upside  down.

We dont know how to break partnerships just before it becomes a threat. A good captain must sense when there is a partnership just starts to form. The captain should not allow a partnership to continue.some how he has to disturb it by applying mental tricks. Field placing ,changing the bowlers , or any kind of frustration you can provide to the batsmen to loose their focus. Sometimes giving away easy boundaries and then get him out by tempting him to score an unnecessary shot can be tried too.

During England series we saw how their bowlers try to put the run rate down by bowling to their field by stopping singles. Bowlers can think a test match as a limited over match ,and they can bowl without giving runs . If you bowl very tightly in both ends ,batsmen try to do something different by throwing his wicket away. So our plan should be to reduce the run rate closer to 2 below 2. If you see last few matches the opposition had scored close to run rate of 4.

We have to be realistic ,that we dont have murali,vaas or malinga in test cricket now. And herath is not their . Herath was really threatfull mostly here not in overseas condition. Since we do not have firepower ,our target should be to put the run rate down ,and build up pressure gradually ,Then automatically wickets will come . Some may argue that it is a negative strategy .But we saw sometimes the aggressive mind set sometimes lead to huge partnership for our opposition .

The simple plan should be to make dot balls constantly. Batsmen feel bored and do something different. Need to study opposition batsmen ,faf du plessis,Amla, de cock, Elgar,Henricks and miller. Identify their favorite strokes or other scoring options .Never bowl to their stroking zones. Dont focus on get them out. Just dont give them runs. Dont give them fifties or hundreds .

Also we experienced in last matches that we take the big wickets but some tailender score hugely or new comer comes and destroy our plan . So beware of unknown or newcomers or tailenders ,they allways spoil the party. If you do well in the first innings allways do well in the second innings as well. Follow the same plan ,dry their run rate,make them bored or fustrate.

Hope they will get this advice on to their mind.

Good luck

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  1. They way to bowl in South Africa is to follow the Vernon Philander recipe. It’s a simple plan, just line and length with a perfect seam delivered at 135KMH. It’s also the best example that you don’t have to bowl at 145 or swing the ball both ways all the time. Just simple consistent line and length can be effective. It should be our go to plan with the pace bowlers.

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