How Sri Lanka can make the World Cup semi-finals with just four wins

The Cricket World Cup is becoming more exciting day by day, as we are in the second week of the World Cup. Although many may not see Sri Lanka as favourites to make the semifinals, with a few good performances and also with some luck we can still get to the semifinals even with just four wins.

There will be 45 matches in the group stage.  I assume that there won’t be matches resulting in a washout apart from the Sri Lanka v Pakistan match.

Let’s assume that the number of wins by each team will be as follows at the end of the group stage.

  1. India – 8 wins  ( 16 points)
  2. England – 7 wins (14 points)
  3. Australia – 7 wins (14 points)
  4. Sri Lanka – 4 wins (09 points with the point from Pakistan match)
  5. New Zealand – 4 wins (08 points)
  6. West Indies – 4 wins  (08 points)
  7. Bangladesh – 4 wins (08 points)
  8. Pakistan – 3 wins (07 points )
  9. South Africa – 3 wins (06 points)
  10. Afghanistan – 0 wins (00 points)

(No 1 and No2 positions can be swapped.   Also positions from No 5 to No 9 may change  )

India, England and Australia can be the toughest teams for us to beat in the remaining group stage matches. If we forget those matches for the time being , even with wins against Bangladesh, West Indies and South Africa we can still give ourselves a chance to be in the semifinals.

We need so much luck with many things going in our way to see above scenario is becoming a reality.Well, let’s hope our dream comes true..


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  1. @anura_ranaweera Thanks for the support mate.
    By the way, SA v WI match has been abandoned today. So with 4 wins, West Indies will have equal points (9 points) with us. We will slip to 5th place in that case as WI have a better net run rate than us. Therefore, we need WI to lose 4 of the 6 remaining matches to have any chance of reaching semis with only 4 wins in our hand.

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