Hardwork & Patience – Two most important factors to be a quality test cricketer

The two words Hardwork & Patience allign with red ball cricket in a perfect way. Why? Let me tell you why. Being a test cricketer and a limited overs cricketer are two different things. A quality limited overs player needs luck, a good head and talent in my opinion. But when it comes to test cricket is talent really enough? I would say no it isn’t. 450 overs give or take is a much longer time when compared with 50 overs and 20 overs. In one day all is over when it comes to limited overs matches, but when it comes to test cricket you have to be focused for 5 days straight. A little lapse in concentration and focus can cost you big time when you play with the red ball.

The two factors on the top are essential for all the 3 departments. So that means if you are giving your 100% then these 2 factors are your weapons. A batsman whatever the position you bat in a test match needs to know how to manage various situations. If you are an opener who’s batting in the first morning or the evening in a test match you need to have the ability and patience to leave the ball as much as possible. How often have we seen openers chasing wide deliveries and getting caught behind the wickets just because he couldn’t let it go? That’s why patience is really important. Your instincts may say otherwise but a true opener, a test opener will always stay till the time is right and play your shots only for the lose deliveries and if its straight enough. If you are not capable to do that, I’m sorry to say you don’t belong in a test team.

When talking about patience I bet most of you remember the marathon efforts of AB de Villiers and Faf du Plessis against Australia in 2012. They had to bat nearly 150 overs and these two men who certainly have the ability to score a hundred off 40 or 50 deliveries (30 in the case of ABD) made two marathon batting efforts which deserves a strong applaud. They batted against their natural style and instinct. AB scored 33 off 220 while Faf scored an unbeaten 110 off 376. Now that’s some serious patience. As a diehard Sri Lankan fan this is what most of our current batters lack the most. The patience to play the waiting game. But that’s something which our old legends did really well Marvan, Sanga, Mahela, Thilan etc. That’s why people still remember them as pioneers of our test history. The people who brought us a golden era in cricket. So however talented you are if you don’t have the patience you won’t survive in cricket. Atleast in the test arena. If you feel no I don’t care my natural way is to just bash the bowlers without reading the conditions and all you must seriously consider playing six a side cricket and T20 only.

Now the other factor is hardwork. This word it’s not only just about cricket when it comes to hardwork. Whatever you do in life if you lack this you won’t survive. Hard workers are always up there in the top because of a reason. You wanna know why Kohli and Sanga became such greats of the game? It’s their hardwork. Nothing else. Yes the talent is obviously there but to convert it to an extraordinary level which both of them were and are in hardwork is a key factor. You may have a very powerful classy arsenal you may seem picture perfect when it comes to playing some shots but if you are not working to perfect what you have then whatever you do will sooner or later get exposed to the opposition. With hardwork only you can correct the mistakes you do and always be a step ahead whether you are a bowler, a batsman, a wicketkeeper or anything. It’s always about consistently evolving and sharpening your skills and for that you need immense amount of hardwork. You lack that you don’t belong in the longer format of the game. Or any form of international cricket in my opinion. If you are not a Hard worker who puts in 100% to what you do you don’t deserve anything. I’m not saying your life must be about cricket, there must be another part to your life but if you want to be a cricketer who will wear the Lion Jersey someday you must do some sacrifices. Never ever take the chance you get for granted. That’s where most of our current cricketers messed up.

So if you are reading this and you are a cricketer or hoping to be a cricketer always remember the mantra of success in cricket “Hard work & Patience” develop these two abilities and you will definitely have an amazing bright future in the sport. If you think I’m lying ask from anyone who reached the pinnacle in this beautiful game

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