Forgotten how to play ODI cricket?

It is the only explanation I can come up with!

  • Batsmen unable to construct an innings and unable to determine when to accelerate or consolidate.
  • Bowlers power play and death bowling lack planning and field placements are highly questionable.
  • Fielding has slowly improved (since Rixon came onboard) – but there are atleast 2-3 passengers in the team

Forget the World Cup. It is finished for Sri Lanka. Long term planning needs to be put in place. Is this all down to poor planning by SLC and the Selectors?

  • Not having a long-term vision.
  • No clearly defined plan.
  • No proper competitive tournaments domestically.
  • All the political meddling

What is the solution? Well, considering how Mahela is doing with Mumbai Indians, why not just make him the ODI coach? England and Australia have done similar approaches with their ODI teams in the past – maybe it is time to do the same. Hathu stays as the head coach, but Mahela steps in for ODIs.

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  1. Yeah my freind you have good points in your timely comments Thank you hope they see these comments and take it on the right way after all all we wanna see our Team doing well not only winning but continued good performance

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