Few words to Asantha De Mel


2019Dear Asantha hope you will not follow same route which destroyed Hathursinghe, when Hathursinghe was given full authority he lost his head and what happened there after is history but hope you take a  note of  it and continue the good work to lift Sri Lanka Cricketers to perform well in the up coming World Cup.

Even though we are ardent Cricket fans our main conceren is  the Dear Motherland’s Pride. We have ,will not  ever sacrifice Motherland’s Pride for any personal gain any other echivements, So we TRUST you and Wish you All the Very Best,lets get the LIONS TO ROAR again.


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  1. Shall we forget this pray, chap, but hope DeMel will be unbiased & take a right decision in appointing the captain & WC squad. The point you brought up was right, he should not try to be a one man show.

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