Don’t hire Mickey Arthur as coach


I dont have any personal issues with him. This is my gut feeling just by looking as a outsider and as a fan who following international cricket over the years. I have seen his body language. May be because of his side pakistan not doing a good job at the moment.

By looking at his face i can feel that he is not an ideal person coach for Sri lanka. I think the selection commitee, SLC personnal all are responsible for the current state of cricket. Now we have team manager who has more powers. I think it is not good to follow other countries. We can have structure on our own with out complicating too much on specifying roles.

Yes, we are just spectators or fans ,we are not legends of cricket to comment on decisions. But i have feeling that we get number one rankings in tests ,ODIs and T20. We have to follow a simple rule. Just play in good passion. 

People we comment on by looking from outside. Players are inside. But outside we can see somethings, we can learn ,we have a belief that we can reach the number one possition. We can see from outside what changes have to be done. What are the wrong decisions made.

I heard recently Dimuth Karunaratne said spectators see only 100 overs infront of tv and they do not how much sacrifice or preparations they do as a cricketers through out the year. How hard it is to get selected to national side. 

But by looking at these 100 overs as tv viewers we come to conclusion and pin point the mistakes of players and criticise here. I think it is good that we do that. It shows how much we love these sport and specially we are representing our country. 

By looking at these 100 overs we can identify some things which are not visible to coaching staff some times. Because we want to improve. It is not about the talent or skill. The desire to win. Like Dharmasena who was kept in 1996 side for his compassion for cricket. I highly admire him as a player. 

Good that he is an ampire now. Best ampire in ICC. Very happy about that.

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