Don't Expect runs from Thisara/Udana

It really disappointed about the current batting line up of Sri Lanka. They do not play as a supporting unit. When the top order fails ,the low order does not rescue. When the top order scores then the low order does not contribute.

It is not good to depend on a low order too much to score 350 plus scores. Low order never delivers when required. Our batting line up think that low order will score aggressively at the death. But it is just a dream. Both thisara and udana never gave good performance with the bat during recent outings. 

Best teams never depend too much on low order to increase run rate.Need to keep in mind that top order batsmen should take the responsibility on scoring the 50 overs of the match. Thisara and udana may give you bonus runs may be at the last two overs. Don’t expect them to bat for 10 over period. They will just give away their wickets very easily. Most of the dismissals of their recent matches were very easy ones. 

They must transform to a batters like Buttler or Ben Stokes. Look how they play sensible cricket by scoring big innings. Thisara and Udana have the potential to be power hitters but they do not eager to improve. They do not find ways of manipulating inner fields, finding the boundaries with out taking risks. They must work hard on their game. Must learn to upset the bowlers.

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Mentally they should prepare for such situation. This tournament depend on net run rate. So even if the match is lost the low order batters can help increasing the net run rate of the match by scoring valuable runs at the death. When the low order batters contribute it will helpful to the top order batter’s confidence.

Great Luck.

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