Dear Sports Minister, save cricket!

Sri Lanka sports minister Harin Fernando

Dear Sports Minister it’s a humble request you needs to take some positive drastic vital decesion’s to save, lift cricket for ever in Sri Lanka.

Yesterday even 1996 WC wining former Captain said in his speech that you needs to get past good cricketers to run SLC.

Don’t have to point out what happend or happening with regards to Sri Lanka Cricket. It’s only sport where we can be world beaters and to lift our countries Pride, image.

So Dear Minister please consider following suggestions

To change Sri Lanka Cricket laws, cricket constitution

Appoint a Interim Committee with past honest cricketers with a Cricketing brain who hasa vision to improve, maintain standards of cricket only.

Immediate implementation of Sanga, Mahela report on change of domestic cricket structure

Lower SLC voters from 124 to less than 20

Change of local pitches to suite fast Bowlers, spinners, so that our batsman can get adjust ed different conditions,

To get services if necessary prominent local coaches with a proven trackrecord with the likes of Anusha Samaranayake, Avishka Gunawardena etc to direct U19, SL A etc to guide budding cricketers on the right path( thanks to them we had Malinga, have Vishwa Fdo, Oshada F’do, Avishka F’do, Asitha F’do etc)

We love care SriLanka Cricket we love our Dear Motherland’sPRIDE

So it’s your move Sir


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  1. Bimal Lawrence, I agree with your sentiments. But do we have any other choice? He is the only one who can do something because he is unlike our previous sports ministers who are cohorts of SLC. This is the time something is needed to be done about our decaying cricket standards . We mucked around after last world cup, for the sake of all Srilanka cricket lovers, its Time!!

  2. Another honorable clown who will do nothing but appoint more thugs and thieves to loot the cash. While this is going on, he will chance selectors, coaches and captain to keep us occupied. Its the daylight robber of SLC being done by the lawmakers – its time for a change! But wait, the only person who can change it is the honorable man – we are……..@%^*&^

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