Cannot play pace, cannot play spin… Maybe just cannot play!

England vs Sri Lanka

Seriously, what is this Sri Lankan Cricket team about? Cannot bat, cannot field, cannot bowl… 

All the best and most expensive international coaches, and yet it is England who come to Sri Lanka and obliterate our team on our own backyard. Even an English debutant is thumping our bowling attack around on his first batting outing at Galle! But not a single Sri Lankan batsman could muster even 30 runs.

What needs to be done here? As a Sri Lanlan Cricket fan watching this cricket is heartbreaking – remember when Galle was our Fortress? Is there absolutely no talent coming through the line that we keep going back to a 31 year old Test Cricketer with a batting average less than Chaminda Vaas (true story, check the Test batting stats for Thirimanna vs Vaas).  

There has to be the turning point where enough is enough. It this the Series loss and humiliation where we reassess what direction our Test team takes. I dare say Bangladesh is more of a threatening Test nation than Sri Lanka are now. 

Maybe all that money from the success of the LPL needs to be invested into First Class Cricket like India did with the IPL and their Ranji Trophy. Look where India are now. Something has to be done. This ongoing failure of our team has gone on for too long. Test Cricket is the pinnacle of truly showing where you as a cricketing nation is.   

Getting humiliated 3-0 last time round by England was bad enough. Imagine losing 2-0 this time round as well. And twice at Galle. 

Something needs to be done. I hope Mahela and Sanga sitting in the commentary box seeing the rapid rate of demise realise it is time they get more actively involved in stopping this decline.

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