Basement Strong, Building Weak

Basement Strong, Building Weak

By: Shazeen Ifamy

I’m going to approach this article from the point of view of a batting order just like the ones displayed on scoreboards or scorecards. So let’s begin, a basic order is shown on scorecards usually follow this pattern the batsmen then the bowlers but we can break that down even further which follows as top order, middle order, and lower order. Now let’s all imagine a building, in a building the strongest point is usually the basement or foundation as it has to withstand the remaining floors and so. With that said, I ask you what is the strength of the Sri Lankan cricket team? Is it the top order? Middle-order? Or lower order (bowlers)? Now this question isn’t from a batting point of view, I am generally asking you all what is Sri Lankan’s strength. Kindly comment below your answer.

If you ask me, I would say that the strength of the Sri Lankan cricket team is bowling. The last two matches against Australia showed us the consistency of our bowling. So if we look at this from the point of view of a batting order yet also looking at it as a building we can say that Sri Lanka’s bowling is our basement or foundation. Once again it is hard to judge a young team after just two matches but if we look at both the games, the bowler did their part, though gave more runs in the second match yet the top order failed in both matches to leave the middle order and the lower order to do most of the scoring. Of course, we need to spare a thought for Pathum Nissanka who batted well in the first game and was brilliant in the second. 

So what is Sri Lanka’s problem? Well the answer for me is consistency as the bowling department has somewhat found consistency in their performances compared to the batting department. Now there are two types of consistency, one is being consistent is performing and the other is failing and we all know which consistency our bowling department has and which one our batting department has. Let’s all hope that our batting department will put on a better performance tomorrow to keep the series alive, let’s also hope that our bowling department will continue their good performance as we never know what we have in store with this Sri Lankan Team. 

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