Attention Dear Sports Minister

Sri Lankan sports minister Harin Fernando

Needs immediate attention of yourself and your Ministry with regards to appointment of proper people as Team Managers, with the  likes of Nalinda Illangakoon  (previous U 19 Team Manager a retired officer ,Charith Senanayake etc before its too late.

As fans who care about our Nation’s cricket  we recommend if possible to have a commitee of knowledgeable former cricketers with the likes of Sidath Wettumuny, Bandula Warnapura,Roshan Mahanama, Murlidaran etc to monitor SLC activities and advice you for the sake of Sri Lanka Cricket .it will not hamper SLC activities but they will be more careful knowing their monitored.

Example still no proper Head Coach, no move to get one,

Never discussed  with seniors regarding the tour to troublesome Pakistan before accepting the tour,

these are one or two areas only there are plenty of things not properly addressed

Unfortunately they needs guidance as they are cluless of what’s happening to Cricket. Cause they have other things in their minds and to cover it.

We only can suggest, we only can offer constructive criticism to avoid Sri Lanka Cricket going further down we do not have any ulterior motives if SLC do the need fully in the right way to lift cricket ,it’s standards and bring glory to Nation’s pride we will not interfere  or subbotage it.

Hope sanity will prevail with Sri Lankan cricket soon

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