Are we playing our best ODI 11?

Sri Lanka cricket team

What  exactly is the long-term planning with this ‘Pro’-modaya and the rest of the selection panel eh? Is it to keep losing game after game, not have a single player with leadership capabilities, not have a game plan, but just pray for a miracle and hope the team of mashed-up individuals start winning games?  

Why is Dimuth Karunaratne not the ODI captain and not playing the anchor at no. 3? We have always had an anchor at number 3 (think Guru, Marvan, and Sanga) with then attacking batsmen making up the positions 1,2,4, 5 and 6. Have atleast two experienced batsmen to guide the team. Matthews at 5 is a no-brainer. The team currently looks to be a mix and match of players – there is no template or plan for the team. Who is the anchor in this batting line-up? Who is there to provide the experience for the youngsters to play around? Are we cutting our noses to spite our faces by selecting teams like we currently are?

We even now have Wanidu and Chamika coming at 7 and 8 to do the big hitting at the end. Do we even need Dasun in the team then? Is he even one of our best players? If not, then why is he captaining a Sri Lankan side which had the likes of Arjuna, Marvan, Sanath, Mahela and Sanga back in the day. Again I raise the point, what exaclty is the plan here? 

Appreciate we have a garbage First Class structure thanks to decades of mismanagement by our incompetent cricket boards – but I am sure even Zimbabwe, Afghanistan or Ireland are selecting their best 11 to play for them game-in game-out. You would assume a selection committee made-up of ex-cricketers would know who exactly are the best cricketers in the country are. Maybe we should start a game-by-game poll/ vote where the Lankan public can nominate who should be selected or playing in the XI for each game. I can guarantee you that we would put a much more competent and capable team on the field using this approach than anything the selection committee is currently putting together. 

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  1. I quite agree with you that Dasun should not be in the ODI team let alone being the captain. But it is beyond Pramodaya’s grip. It is Board’s decision because Dasun signed the contract on the sly to get the captaincy. Dasun is a misfit in the ODI game, he may score some runs in the 3rd ODI but still he should not be in the ODI team in the future. How can you blame the selectors their when front choices are suspended, injured or not signed the contract. Dimuth for the time being looks better because of above non availability but don’t forget he led us in WI & came with two minus points.His scores were poor & good for Tests.After the Indian series the selectors should appoint a long term captain.They made a mistake when appointing Kusal they said it was only for two series.I think players eyeing captaincy did the usual dirty trick & not put their performances so Kusal get accused. However Mickey said he was good as a captain.That is a professional judgement not like yours & mine.

  2. Dasun is a good captain. if we can come so close to win hang this baby players side . if he gets advice and experienced team with kjp, dimuth and mathews. he can guide us to win easily.

    i hate fans like u who judge a captain skills by win or lose. u don’t see how he has improved the team . this is the same side which got whitewashed with Bangladesh n england. don’t just forgot all this

    yes dimuth is also good captain but second best other than him is shanaka . no one.
    he just need experience and guidance from seniors