All the best Lions!

Cricket has always been an integral part of our lives. We live cricket, we breath cricket and we love cricket. We are not the same anymore when it comes to winning, that’s true I don’t want to deny it. But does that mean we have to be negative about everything of this world cup? No, hell no we don’t. Cricket is our life, yes we don’t want the Lions to lose but that’s how the game goes, you win some, you lose some but what matters is the fight the players have left even after losing and the passion the fans have left.

Even after all the downfalls during the past few years, cricket fans are still behind the Lions. Because as cricket fans we know our Lions are always capable to produce something extraordinary, we never lose hope on them that’s what a loyal Sri Lankan cricket fan would do. Now its not the time to search for players who are not in the squad or point out this guy did this. Its about supporting the players who are wearing that new Lion Jersey on that field from tomorrow onwards.

The past belongs to the past, tomorrow is a new day and how bad our guys played since the 2015 World Cup really doesn’t matter now. What we want is a little spark from someone, something similar to what Asela did in Geelong & KJP did in Durban. Our recent win/loss record is just a number that makes us the underdogs, it doesn’t mean we can’t win. We have never been favourites (even if we are others don’t want to give us that tag) so from tomorrow onwards its the chance for Dimuth and Co to prove everyone wrong, actually the whole world wrong.

We lose but we never give up, that’s something which we possess since our birth as Sri Lankans. We don’t call you guys Lions for no reason, every step you took back in that field has always led to something amazing. We took the step back and now it’s time to make it happen. To make all the people believe again. To make the whole world believe again. To shut your haters, and make the Lion flag wave proudly. It has been a hard time for us Sri Lankans, but nearly always, whenever we were down, 11 men found a way to unite us, to make us smile and to make us forget all the worries. So give us something to smile once again, this is the time we need it the most. The match against New Zealand tomorrow kicks off our world cup campaign so Let’s make this start a new beginning to remember forever.

All the best Lions, make us proud!!!

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