ABSOLUTELY Pathetic Field Placements/ Management

Dimuth Karunaratne

Dimuth/ Angelo,

Seriously – what is going on with these ridiculous pathetic schoolboy fields placements eh? Is the plan to get opposition batsmen in and make our bowlers lives that much harder to get wickets? 

Giving away easy singles with 4-5 boundary riders to the new batsmen; just letting new opposition batmen rotate the strike at will; leting the new batsman in get their eye in. Let a little partnership build…

Then lets ask our bowlers to toil away over after over! Even on a spinning track our bowlers were made to look ordinary because there was zero pressure built. Look how New Zealand set their fields and came after our batsmen. 

Are we that lazy we cannot set fields placements by the strengths weakness of opposition batsmen? Does everyone get the same field placements? Last I remember each batsman had their own technique, speciality, skills, and more importantly weaknesses. 

I cannot recall such poor field management since Hashan Tillerkaratne’s times.  

Can we please get Mahela to run a course on “how to set a field” 101 for the entire team? As Sri Lankan fans we only ask you learn from your mistakes. This poor field management has been going on for some time now.  

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