A friendly word to Chief Selector

Ashantha de Mel

As a fan and a believer of your would like to requedt kindly to be very careful what you say or do as too much of arrongance may destroy you ,your image, your good deeds done so far .It was the same case with Hathursinghe his good work, reputation was destroyed by his unwanted arrogance. 

Lately you have targeted the player’s who failed to make the tour, please with the respect we have for  you kindly request you to not to go after the player’s like the former head coach, please remember the way SLC got about the tour is faulty, never ever gave a thought from the player’s point of view, need of the hour was to understand the way they felt about the unpleasant, unfortunate, deadly situations faced previously by our cricketers on their last tour.

Blessing in disguise found great performers on this tour, so without hurting or mentally agonising the cricketers who failed to make it please blend them with new found talent and form a Awesome team, pool which can take Sri Lanka to new heights in world cricket and go for the 2020 T20 World cup. 

Hathursinghe was destroyed made to pay high price for having favourites who danced to his tune .Punishment is not the need of the hour. 

So Dear Chief Selector it’s up to you to iron out any short comings or with swollen head to continue unwanted arrogance approach destroy yourself and our SRI LANKAN CRICKET 

These comments made to the point directly to drive it  to avoid unfortunate situations arising and effort to ensure that cricket or cricketers do not suffer again or even the efforts of the Chief Selector 

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  1. Anura Ranaweera, well said bro. Asantha has done some great things as a chairman of Selection panel but he do suffer from foot in the mouth disease.
    Players have every right not to tour Pakistan fearing safety as its more paramount than playing cricket. But to say that they might loose the spot due to not touring Pakistan is unwarranted and uncalled for. Having said it looks like few senior players will because of the emergence of some unbelievable performance by stand in players.
    I hope someone who is influencial can get into Asantha’ ears so his bad mouthing doesn’t become a collateral damage to Srilanka Cricket.

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