මෙම ක්‍රීඩකයන්ට සිදුවූ අසාධාරණයට ඔබ එකගද ??

ඇන්ජෙලෝ පෙරේරා , ජෙෆ්‍රි වැන්ඩසේ , චාමික කරුණාරත්න ශ්‍රීලංකා ක්‍රිකට් එකේ Contract ගත්තනම්

පහත සදහන් අති දක්ශයන් SLC Contract එකෙන් හැලෙන්නේ කෙසේද යන්නට තිබෙන Logic එක මොකක්ද

භානුක රාජපක්ශ

අසේල ගුණරත්න

මාලින්ද පුශ්පකුමාර

පැතුම් නිස්සන්ක

කමිදු මෙන්ඩිස්

ලහිරු මදුශංක

උපුල් තරංග

මිනොද් භානුක

මේම අසාධාරණ ගැන කතා කරන්න කිසිදු බලධාරියෙක් නැත

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  1. I totally agree that there has been injustice & discrimination taken place on some deserved and talented cricketers while neglecting the lackluster performances of one time highly performing players.

    But I don’t agree with all the players that are mentioned here in the 2nd list (8 players) should be awarded with contracts. Regarding the first 3 names under the first list, I agree that Angelo P and Vandersay do not deserve to be rewarded as they have performed very poorly in all recent international matches they appeared. Specially Angelo, he scored two double centuries in a domestic match, but is SLC going to take that performance for so many years in spite of his very poor performance in very recent international matches. May be he is related to the minister but if he cannot perform even upto a minimum level required, SLC should not go after non cricketing reasons to reward Angelo P. Re Vandersay I do not want to comment as all fans know his very low level of performances. And after the emergence of Wanidu (who is our best leg spinner at present) Vandersay has simply become a tiny liliput figure in front of Wanidu. I cannot comment on Chamika as I have not studied his performances closely.

    Let us analyze the second list of 8 players.

    (1) Yes Bhanuka R got the worst treatment out of all the deserved & talented cricketers. In fact I published a Blog explaining every injustice happened to him but for some unknown reason my blog which appeared fews days was taken out by the Island Cricket Moderator. Honestly I would request the Moderator to explain me the reason for that. Bhanuka should have been given at least a Primary Contract at the same or little lower salary of Wanidu.

    Other two deserved players are Pathum Nissanka and Kamindu Mendis. They have been performing really well in International matches (A team, Emerging etc) so we have a proof of their performance level. They deserve a Primary Contract but at a lower salary than Wanidu & Bhanuka.

    Minode Banuka needs few more good appearances. I am not sure whether he has the same level of performances and consistency at international level. If not we can see his performances in the Asia Cup for Emerging Teams next month.

    Malinda Pushpakumara & Lahiru Madushanka need more good performances as well as consistency to get a contract.

    I don’t think that Asela and Upul Tharanga have any worthwhile recent performance to keep knocking at the door for any reward. May be they have performed well in the past, but that’s not going to help their cause. So I don’t think there is any reason to grumble on these two players.

    Similar performance criteria has to be applied to one time highly performing but the level in form and the performance have gone down so badly for few players like Chandimal and Thisara P. I do not know whether it has been done by SLC, but their contract categories should be brought down to a lower level. Is it fair to pay Chandimal a performance salary of much more than every highly performing players in the current ODI / T 20 and Chandimal is not even being selected to play in the Test team

    So in summary only three players from the second list have been treated with step mothers treatment in getting a reward for their great service done to their motherland. They are Bhanuka R, Pathum Nissanka and Kamindu Mendis.