World Cup songs dilemma!

During past few months I had the chance to watch many number of so-called world cup songs, created by various artists starting from BnS & some other artists whom I saw for the first time :). Then through YouTube I watched Lahiru’s song which was labeled as the official song for the cricket world cup 2011.

Starting from BnS’s song – I can’t remember it really, because I only watched it once as It was full of sh*t. What the hell Bathiya was thinking when some girls with mini-skirts acting like the umpires on his video. For a guy with such high standards it was utter disappointment from viewer’s point of view. It was a video not suited for cricket at all. Don’t get me wrong that I condemn the mini-skirts on the video, but this is not what I expected from a guy who produced following songs, respectively for world cup 2007 & when the war against terror is over. Check them out:

I really don’t like any of the songs made for this world cup than this song which was made for last world cup by BnS, but Bns were so pathetic this time 🙁

So my hopes for a good cricket anthem with BnS ended with that low class video :(. Before that I listened to Iraj’s song which he did with Jaya-Sri and I think it is relatively better than BnS’s. Lahiru’s official song is relatively good but not good enough to be the official song 🙁 No sense of patriotism in that song which is much needed for it to be an official song. But Lahiru is known for his typical Baila taste & I admire him because he at least lived up to his standards.

If you take a look at official video of Bangladesh:

It has that sense of patriotism, but I’m quite sure that we can do a better, unique video than this.

For events such as superstar (in Sri Lanka) we see all artists get together and perform as one, but we are yet to see such a creation from our artists. As far as I think, all of them are trying to market themselves through the World Cup, no one is concerned about the quality of the work & no one seems to be getting together to perform as one. We saw the perfect example during last world cup by Windies, all artists got together to produce a colorful song.

Also we are yet to see a large media campaign associated with the world cup 2011, at least like campaigns we see when electing politicians 😉 It’s like SLC is trying to save money by doing no more than hoisting some small advertising hoardings in some part of the country!

It is sorry to see we don’t advertise our self as a nation to the world using this world cup! Few more weeks left & I hope we all at least can see a successful tournament in terms of winning!!!! Because when it comes to cricket administration, we all can agree that it is not functioning as it should be, only hope lies with our heartiest cricketers to give something to be happy for all cricket lovers!

P: S- I wrote this with no any hatred attitude towards our artists. I just wanted to mention that their creations could have been much better than this. If anyone likes the songs I mentioned I respect their taste, but for me they are not good enough, This is World Cup we are talking about 🙂

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