World Champions and Green Pitches

India the world champions but when it comes to Green Pitches they are still minnows. Indian Captain M S Dhoni had already blamed the Hambantota pitch for the 2 ODI loss. Its always happen when India comes after a win and loss the second, M S Dhoni will come up with similar complain. But what team India should be looking is for the players who are capable to handling the Condition well outside India. Players like A Rahane, A Mukund, Manoj Tiwary who have exhibited them-self well in England and Australia.

Indian selectors are always under pressure even when they start to do some good selection, issue like regional and politics started to screw them apart. They should made these young players Played and understand conditions in Srilanka as T20 World cup will be played in Srilanka. BCCI which earns big bugs should make some pitches in India which can be more like Australia and England. But they are not ready to that. Instead what they do they make India to play more matches in India.

As many Indian Fans complain about IPL for the losses in England, Australia and now in Srilanka. But how for the technique of batsmen will be changed after the 2 months tournament in which the player will bat not more than 5 to 8 overs in a match. Reality is that some Indian batsmen doesn’t have good technique to handle it. That is why player like A Rahane, A Mukund, Manoj Tiwary showcased well with their good technique in batting.

Indian batsmen went on playing rash shots in the 2nd ODI because they thought that it will same as the 1st ODI and some good bowling from Srilanka bowlers. Even R Ashwin played better than some of the top order batsman. Indians should think of improving their batting technique else they cant win matches outside India. Hope MS Dhoni will not complain about the pitch for 3 ODI.

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