Wise decisions

When Asitha Jayaweera, acknowledged by those who know as the greatest captain Royal College ever had, made a decision to leave our cricket at the u-19 level ( when he and Mendis captained a series against Australia in the mid 1970’s) he went off to England to pursue his studies and into relative oblivion.

This is retrospect was a fantastic decision for Jayaweera as a man but the loss to Sri Lankan cricket is being fully felt only now. The absence of this man is what has resulted in the likes of Mendis who are only fit to clean their boots, thriving like a fungus and destroying all before them. If Jayaweera was around he would have captained Sri Lanka at some stage and of course gone into administration afterwards. He would have been like the SUN to Mendis’s darkness! Two other Royal Captains who spring to mind in this connection are Gajan Pathmanathan and Prasanna Kariyawasam both living abroad.

The lack of a backbone displayed by the likes of Anura Tennakoon and others of his ilk has brought the dampness and slime that is needed for a harmful fungus to grow. The advent of bookies and wheeler dealers after the big money that our world cup win brought has exacerbated the situation.

A sports secretary who hailed from the kandyan kingdom and a minister from Kegalle changed the laws with insidious inspiration to give themselves more power and to faciitate the careers of their offspring.

This my friends is the history of Sri Lanka cricket and we are simply reaping the dead crop that has grown in the fields prepared by these people and of course watered and fertilized by us in our silence.

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