Why we need to stop ignoring the importance of a quality domestic T20 tournament

T20 cricket has revolutionized the entire cricket world both ODI cricket style as well as the test cricket style have been immensely influenced by the aggressive t20 cricket since its introduction. T20 cricket attracts large crowds in to the grounds as t20 cricket matches have a huge commercial value in the market . hence lot of countries organize high quality domestic t20 tournaments in order to exploit that cricket market and to develop the cricket in their countries. Srilanka organized such a tournament in 2012, but tournament came to an abrupt end because of the financial problems .

Sport is part of a culture that changes with the time. Test cricket was played without a time limit in the 1800s then 5 day limit came to cricket law books .then ODI cricket was introduced in 60s and first t20 international was played in 2005. Resistance for the change has always been there, but cricket has changed a lot in the last 2-3 decades. We should understand this big picture and move forward with the cricket world . if we keep looking at t20 cricket and other changes through the conspiracy mindset .we would find ourselves in deep waters very soon.

Other countries organize quality t20 domestic tournaments and give international exposure to their young players . they sign contracts with quality experience coaches , high class international players and give opportunities to their young players to play with quality international players in an intense match environment ,consequently domestic players develop their skill level and get use to play under pressure . hence those players play well in the pressure situations of international matches unlike our players who crumble under pressure.
players must develop big hitting skills in order to survive in t20 cricket .therefore players are routinely trained to hit 6s and 4s in these tournaments thus players automatically develop that much needed skill . if you analyze srilanka’s recent batting displays , you would see that they lack the big hitting skills. Srilankan players often fail to hit boundaries . consequently run rate climbs up and entire team comes under huge pressure. that has been the biggest reason behind the srilanka’s defeats in the past few months. One of biggest reason for the failures in this front is that we have been ignoring the importance of quality domestic T20 tournament .

after the 2012 SLPL tournament , SLC organizes a short, low quality t20 tournament every year as their domestic tournament . they suddenly announce a tournament out of the blue and divide players into 4 or 5 teams and organize a tournament. all matches are played in empty grounds within one week. entire tournament is played without foreign players , high class coaches.SLC makes no investment to get a TV/radio coverage to the tournament or to attract fans to the grounds .apart from srilanka all top cricket nations organize such tournaments(BBL-aus,BPL-ban,CPL-wi,IPL-ind,PSL-pak,HRV cup-nz,RAM_SLAM-sa) . hence SLC must realize the importance of a quality domestic t20 tournament and must organize a high class tournament with out doing the mistakes that they did in the 2012 tournament.

In 2012,SLC authorities selected a newly registered company as the organizer that had no knowledge about the srilankan market and srilankan cricket fans . They had a no knowledge about the srilankan climate either as large number of matches were affected by the monsoon rain . advertising standards ,prior to the tournament were very poor and magnitude of the tournament was too big to srilankan economy .they shouldn’t have brought large number of international players to the tournament .i personally believe that south Africa’s RAM-SLAM t20(one foreign player for a team) model would suit for country like srilanka .all the owners of the franchises were foreign companies hence tournament lacked the link between franchises and the cricket fans .hence it’s very clear that if SLC want to organize successful tournament in the future they should get the support of local companies .instead of playing all matches in R premadasa stadium , matches should be distributed to the regional grounds.

On the other hand , SLC should aim to develop cricket ,by organizing a quality t20 tournament instead of going after profits . SLPL tournament flopped because franchises and organizing company suffered heavy losses while SLC made huge profits (over hundred million) in 2012.

finally,I hope that SLC would understand the importance of quality , high class T20 tournament, and organize a tournament that suit our country with the aim of developing srilankan cricket

PS- I am not good at writing in English , I just wanted to express my views

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