Why Sri Lanka failed in four World Cup – A quick analysis

Losing four world cups is really frustrating for any country fans. That too in just 5 year time is more frustrating. What could be a real cause of it. After analyzing four world cup finals, it shows the clear batting failures. Srilankan batsmen never had a good start in any of these four world cups. Openers never provided to the middle order to take control. They choked and let the game slip away.

Let us expand on these 4 world cup finals

2007 Australia v Sri Lanka(ODI)
Target 281 the required run rate 7.39
Srilanka’s first 10 overs score 42/1 Run rate 4.20

2009 Pakistan v Sri Lanka(T20)
First innings
Srilanka’s first 6 overs 34/4 Run rate 5.66
Almost half a side gone

2011 India v Sri Lanka(ODI)
First innings
Srilanka’s first 10 overs 31/1 Run rate 3.10
It’s a good batting pitch and against Indian batting attack this was really a very poor start.

2012 Sri Lanka v West Indies(T20)
Target 138 the required run rate 6.86
Srilanka’s first 6 overs 30/1 Run rate 5.00

In all the finals openers never gave good start. Run rate was well below 6, that means the middle order have to do the entire pressure job, when they start to fumble the game over. Credit should been given to Mahela in most of the finals he had batted well but others have not helped him. It is absolute batting failure of Srilanka.

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