Why so many sackings and resignations in last couple of years?

Political infiltration is the cause of so much sackings and resignations and promotions (an ex captain who called Ashantha a joker has sheepishly got  a promotion , earlier carrying tales  re Marsh) in the last 2 years, and the chief culprit is the square peg in round hole, loud mouthed, attention seeking Sports Minister and his side kick who has now come out to the open. What does the Minister know of split captaincy, seniors clinging on to all formats, and player politics unless he is given biased advice by a person with a hidden agenda and the Sports Minister simply swallows same. At every turn when we fare badly in one match, he is made to open his mouth. Cobbler, stick to your last, as politicians and cricket are a dangerous cocktail and Nero (politicians) is fiddling while Rome (cricket) is burning…

Just read comments of the public (90% are non political) to know what they feel of corruption in SLC. The President shud take note and sack the Minister and SLC secretary or else he is locking the stable door after horse has bolted. Only a miracle can save SL cricket and soon the two new stadiums will be white elephants.

PS.  Michael de Zoysa and Mathivanan are now being given posts to silence their criticism of corruption.

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