Why Sangakkara is the best cricketer from the Asian subcontinent the game has ever seen

Why Kumar Sangakkara is the Best Asian (Subcontinent) cricketer game has ever seen???
This is something I was waiting to write for long time, being Sri Lankan, thinking that one of our cricketers is the ‘best subcontinent cricketer that game has ever seen’ may sound a bold and partial statement however I am going to prove ( at least to myself and few others ) end of this article without any emotional attachment ‘He is the best. . ‘

When you say ‘best cricketer’ I am sure we need to consider figures ( stats ) but Best Cricketer for me and for most of us not only figures , Best Cricketer means stats plus overall personality .

let’s forget the personality part for a while, still I am going to prove Kumar is far better than our counterparts Sachin Tendulakar ( best Indian Cricketer game has ever seen , even some people may say best cricketer game has ever seen , Mainly for commercial reasons ) and Imran Khan ( Best Pakistani Player game has even seen ) Imran is more closer to Kumar if personality part come in to consideration .

I am sure most of my Indian & Pakistani friends humourlessly will refuse that Kumar is the best , having lived in India for almost four years I know How Sachin Tendular is important to Indian public , they literally worship him same case for Imran as well .

let’s talked about stats , Kumar reached the fastest 8000 test runs in the history of the game and he went and made 9000 fastest test runs of the history of the game as well , he didn’t stop there ,he scored the fastest 10000 runs ( this time record share with brain Lara and Sachin ) we really wanted only him to owned this record , he had time to do that but failed few matches in-between . But still he matched with two great players, anyways it sounds good to share with two greats.

Remember, I am predicting today Kumar will reach fastest 11000 runs as well , he need 514 runs more to get there and 12 innings remaining ( Lara achieved this in 213 innings ) , with career average almost 57 he will get there easily , of course if our cricket board get few test matches soon.

These stats I didn’t t make it up. please refer the cricinfo

Kumar is placed 3rd in all time double centurion’s list Just behind Sir Don Bradman and Great Brain lara . Kumar scored 8 , Bradman 12 and Lara 9 , Kumar missed 3 double centuries very recently I remember , 190’s two times quite recently , he could have easily pass lara but that how cricket goes , lots of if’s and but’s however class of kumar remain without any if’s and but’s . I am sure end of his career he will be top of this list, again if our cricket board get more test matches before this great man hangs his boots.

Furthermore kumar is the only player in the world who scored 150 + test runs in 4 consecutive innings , no one has ever reached this feet .
What about kumar’s wicket keeping in tests , kumar kept wickets for 90 test innings , purely as a Batsman he average almost 70 , only second to Bradman’s 99.94 average , and Best morden day test average , still if you consider his overall average 56.98 is the best average amount the 10000 runs getters club where Jacques Kallis is averages 56.10 ( right now ) is second in the list .

Sachin Tendulkar Averages 53.88. means Kumar Sangakkara scores 3 runs more than Sachin every time he walks in to the middle , purely as a batsman he scores 14 runs more than Tendulkar every time he walks in to the middle . When Sanga’s 151 wicket keeping dismissals in 90 test innings takes in to consideration can anyone in this world tell sachin is better than sanga ???

These are facts , facts can’t lie , If Sanga plays same innings as Tendulkar end of his career he will surely surpass Tendulkar’s highest career test runs . However unlikely since Sachin started at 17 and also Sri Lanka don’t get test matches like India, so best way to compare both is test averages. If someone argues sanga played in flat pitches I would say Sanga averages 60 against Australia in Australia better than Tendulkar’s 53.20 and Tendulkar as well played his most games in flat subcontinent tracks.

Do I need to pull any more stats, not necessary, it is a insult to the great cricketer Sachin Tendukar , All what I want to say is Sanga has scored faster and better rate than great master Sachin tendulkar .

Of course Imran Khan has modest test average compare to kumar and sure he is a great all rounder game has ever seen. He remembered more as a leader than his individual records.

Sanga has scored 11798 runs stand in the 4th all time ODI’s run getters list almost average 40. and also 419 dismissals 3rd in the list behind Gilchrist and Boucher , I am sure end of his career he will come close to them , figures shows he is better batsman then Both of them but many can argue Gilchrist scored faster rate than sanga in ODI’s

Now the personality factor, is there any better personality in world cricket than Kumar , I don’t think so .. Sanga delivered the 2011 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture, which gained worldwide attention He was the youngest person and the first current international player to deliver,
Peter Roebuck, Former Captain of Somerset and well known Cricket journalist said Kumar Sangakkara has made the most important speech in cricket history, this is how west think about this great man . . Kumar Sangakkara is part of MCC ‘s world cricket committee , only current and youngest person in this prestige ’s committee ,

Needless to say Sanga’s involvement with many charitable activities all around the world , His on and off the field behaviour is role model to any youngsters in the world .

For me Kumar is Best overall Sri Lankan personality in our country by quite distance. He gives inspiration to all Sri Lankan youth who believes we Sri Lankans can achieve things not within the country but in a global stage.

Before end of his career I really want to see him to be top in the double centurion list, and also if he can give a try to make 400 in an innings and surpass Lara that will be an icing on the cake of a great career.

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