Why do we worry so much about DRS?

By Osanda Gunarantna   

India vs. Sri Lanka in 2008, SL managed to beat them 2-1 at home, but that time they had something in their favour the decision review system making its debut and paying off for Sri Lanka , getting most of the overturned decisions while India getting almost none of them, just after this series India found their biggest enemy in DRS as in the WC ,MS Dhoni criticising DRS and calling it as an adulteration of technology and human decision making even Tendulkar found it hard to cope with DRS, but the truth is ‘’why be so negative when DRS is included to avoid the mistakes umpires make on the field’’.

We saw almost all the teams getting DRS wrong in the WC 2011; however its best you can have to minimize the errors made both to the batsmen and bowlers.   
ICC should be praised that they have made DRS compulsory from this October itself. Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara as Sri Lankan cricketers have welcomed DRS from the start and still seems to be satisfied with the system, but for India it is like a bad omen, BCCI needs to understand that the DRS is there for both players and umpires as well.

Australia’s tour to SL begins early next month and there were rumours’ that the minimal requirements for DRS seemed very costly Sri Lanka Cricket saying that their unable to find a sponsor to afford $150,000,however thankfully those weren’t true and it was announced DRS will be used both in ODIs and Tests.
Hotspot made mandatory but it is shameful to see no ball tracking required in giving LBWs, this probably due to India being against 2.5M rule where they found in the WC, very hard to digest. 

Nevertheless we can breathe relief that DRS won’t go extinct like the super subs used in 2005-06. is difficult to say anything about DRS now as it is in its just begun but after few years it will show what kind of impact or changes it makes in the game.

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