Who is the Everbest Performed SL ODI Batter in Eng & Overall Best SL Batter (Highest Av+Most Tons) Vs Eng ?

SL's NEVER REVEALED or HIGHLIGHTED STATS SELECTIVELY CONCEALED by Authorities & Local Hype Boosting Media Networks.

All-time Batting Ranking Record of SL Players batted in England – RANKED according to Batting Averages :
(who had played minimum 10 ODI Innings in Eng Vs Eng/ Aus/ WI/ SA/ Ind/ Pak/ BD/ NZ) :

LOOK WHO IS AT THE TOP ?  (These are the Stats Selectively Hidden behind the curtains & Never Revealed /Talked about ! )


All Time Batting Ranking Record of SL players Ranked according to their Batting Averages in ENGLAND:

Look who has the Highest Average with Most Tons scored from just 16 innings @ 81 SR..?

Some may not like this reality, since the much talked about highly acclaimed legends' placements, not par with their reputation . But at least for the sake of  absolute reality (Selectively hidden behind the curtains), hopefully the due recognition would be given where it belongs for a change, to halt the eternal underestimation readily rendered over many years on not so lucky players.! 

Some people already demanding for his head, just because of a rare Golden Duck in last game on top of a brief lean patch confined to just one series Vs SA this year (after scoring a massive 1,000+ runs for SL @ near 50 Av @  90+ SR with 2 x 100 & 7 x 50 in 2017). 

Commentator Russel Arnold, who had managed just 273 runs from 14 ings @ 24 Av – 67 SR Vs Eng, with 2 ducks during his time…  was severely picking this guy to criticize over his rare duck (certainly must have looked at this ranking chart and got upset about himself). 

Arnold was repeatedly saying that this batter had scored 2 Duck in consecutive innings Vs Eng, quoting his previous inning (played 3 years ago in Eng – pushed to bat at No7 by Mathews & SJ). But Russel Arnold strangely overlooked to mention a word about this impressive overall record & the unbeaten 50* & 40 runs this guy made @ 120+ SR in previous 2 innings batting @ No 7 in that same series Vs Eng when the rest of all failed wasting top order spots (before that duck ) !!!  This is how the most of our local commentators base their criticism like most of our fans.   

This guy Upul Tharanga holds SL's Ever Best Average in Eng for any SL player batted in England, yet least number of ODI innings given over 12 years compared to rest of all in SL cricket history… Why?

Jealousy is the only answer that could explain this grossly unjustifiable suppression/ disparity, impossible to occur unintentionally over 12 years long career span, while rest of all players were offered much more matches compared to their career spans to date, despite being the most impactive batter holding top of all batting average Vs Eng (ie: Thirimanne was given  equal number of  10 matches in just ONE YEAR compared to UT's 12 yr span..!!!  Mathews – double the innings 20 within half the duration 6 yrs / similarly Chandimal 16 innings in 6 yrs, Kusal Perera – 13 innings in just 4 yrs, 1/3 the duration, etc.). No wonder when people like Sanath J were at the helm to steer the ship.

Before talking about implementing the double standard AXING again, It is worthwhile having a closer look at these OVERALL PERFORMANCE STATS, especially because the next WORLD CUP is played under conditions prevailing in  ENGLAND..!


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  1. Some idiot had already posted
    Some idiot had already posted a poll demanding Tharanga’s head .

    Already the next best performer still playing cricket Angi is out of the scene at the moment and some idiots are demanding the ever bestSL guy in England to be axed before WC played in England…what kind of logic is this?

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