Who is going to carry the bat for us?

Well, after all the drama in the series, and bidding goodbye to the legend, now it's time to look ahead. But where can we look, as we saw throughout the series our batting failed.

The captain himself admits it cuz if not for the swashbuckling innings by chandimal and herath's breath taking bowling in the first test this would have been yet another white wash for us.Cricket is a team sport and we have 11 players so that not only 1 or 2 can get the team through.

But we all know that it's not possible for everyone to score everyday but at least they can hang around helping the set batsman.well it was a new ball series.all wickets fell to the new ball so if you can take away the 20 overs with the new ball and bat the rest we could have done that.

Thats what india did they not only bowled good lengths with the new ball they also restricted the runs flowing with the old ball.We know some players aren't test match type. But the best example is the captain himself. He doesn't boast with technique but yet he scored runs. He did have few mistakes here and there but it doesn't matter who would have thought in 2009/10 this young bowling all rounder much like thisara in the current ODI team would now become Sri lanka's No.1 Batsman post Sanga-Mahela era.But now it's not the case.

I see chandimal is a good batsman playing positive shots and that was pretty much the way to go because that's his game.He is a good one day batsman and we saw them putting him at no.4 and that's his spot.give him more time and then we will see a CHANDIMAL who scores runs.Thirimanne is a one day batsman.I know you cant label players as one day or test type but sometimes you have to get those simple things right.

The Pakistan series gave us a look at the talent we have Dhananjaya,Milinda,Kapu all of them has got the potential.But Now Who is going to help Angi.Chandimal will be one but we need to find more at tests.Kusal should stay at no.7 and Angi at No.5 chandimal at no.4 now we have to find some batsmen to fit into the no.6 and the most important no.3 spot.

I wouldnt change these guys spots but I would like to try new talent in those spots.

Focus on Mr.Kapila.and the question we leave you is… Who is going to carry the bat for Sri Lanka?

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