Who is Dinesh Chandimal? Is he overrated? (must read)

Not going to talk much lets analyze his stats


Chandimal’s ODI average is around 29 which is very poor for a specialized batsman, but look at below figures,
** His batting average at no 3 position is 40 and his both hundred came at no 3. He has played 12 matches at 3.
** His batting average at no 4 position is 33.50 with 10 fifties came at no 4. He has played 44 matches at 4.
So above numbers looks pretty decent for a specialized young ODI batsman. So the point they should take is let him bat up in the order if they want to grab maximum out of him.
Let’s check his bad numbers,

** His average at no 6 and above is 21 which look not very virtuous.
Let’s see the same numbers of Sanga and Mahela,

** Sanga’s batting average at no 6 and above is 24 (33 matches have played)
** Mahela’s batting average at no 6 and above is 23 (39 matches have played)

Where Chandimal’s SR is 98% and Mahela and Sanga respectively 79 and 72.
Strange huh?
So even the bad numbers are good when it compared with 2 cricket legends in SL history. The sad thing is Sanga and Mahela both have played only around 30 and odd number of innings at beyond no 5 batting position out of their 400+ ODI carrier but Chandimal has already played 25 ODIs at lower order during his very short ODI carrier. But they still say we have given him lot of chances.
Ok Let’s move on to next,

In cricket world they say Australia,England and South African condition are the toughest to face for foreign players.

Chandimal has played 32 ODI matches in these countries and his average is 44.72 which is the highest average for a SL player in these condition and 3rd highest average in subcontinent. Sanga’s average is 44.67 which is the 2nd highest in SL.

If you check the batting average only in Australia pitches,  Dinesh Chandimal holds the best average among subcontinent players with 55 batting average in 16 matches where 2nd best is G Gambir and next is Sanga.

Can’t believe huh?

Most of the players do their best in home condition but this guy’s average in home condition is less compared to away stats. May be he is not a flat track bully.

His average as a wicket keeper batsman (who have played more than 15 ODIs) only second to Sanga.


** Dinesh Chandimal’s test average is 41.67 which is 2nd highest in current test team (excluding Sanga).
** He has played 12 test matches as designated keeper and his batting average as a wicket keeper batsman is 48.88 which is the highest average in SL history and 4th highest in world history for a wicket keeper batsmen.

His average along with batting position is as follows,

5th position 46.66
6th position 60.00
7th position 37.61
8th position 13.00
** So as you can see his batting average get going the more he bat up in the order (which is obvious for any specialized batsman)
** Chandimal’s  batting average at no 5 and above is 43.28
** Sanga’s batting average at no 5 and above is 17.33
** Mahela’s  batting average at no 5 and above is 37.28
** His average in foreign soil has been better in both ODI and Test formats which is very rare for a present-day cricketer.

So are we still saying he is not up to international standard?
One finale thing before wrap up this note,

** Chandimal was dropped from Test team in Eng tour while he had scored 100* in his previous test.
** Chandimal recall to the last 2 ODI matches against Eng in Colombo and he scored 35 and 55* with more than 100% strike rate as a lower order batsman but then again he dropped in the next Test against NZ in NZ. He got a chance in the 2nd test against NZ and he scored 80 in that match laying a great partnership with Sanga but then again he was dropped in the next ODI series. That’s how they ruined his confident, any player who has gone through what Chandimal has been would never even try a comeback but the more they pushes him down he always bounce back no matter how much he hurt. I still belive he is the next big thing in SL cricket if administration properly manage him. 

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