Who can forgive, forget, unite and build cricket in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka cricket is full of blame games and mud-slinging. Selectors accuse Malinga for faking his injury, Malinga accuse selectors for the unjustified treatment on him, Arjuna accuse Sumathipala for various things, Sumathipala accuse Arjuna and family for Nepotism. Sangakkara been accused for his early retirement. Sumathipala accuse Mahela for his role as an England consultant, I can go on and on and on.

The fact is that cricket in Sri Lanka is at the lowest point in three decades and it is very sad to see people who can be very useful to build Sri Lanka cricket are engaged in blame games & mud-slinging rather than unite together and build our cricket. True many of them have made mistakes, became selfish, but I believe people have to forgive and forget about the past and unite together and build our team.

I understand it is not easy to achieve, But I believe somebody must be there who can get these guys together and build our team for the future. Imran khan had issues with Javed Miandad when they won the world cup in 1992, Kapil Dev had problems with Gaveskar when they won it in 1983, Darren Sammy had problems with his board. But they all have kept aside their personal grudges until they achieve their goal.

I do not know whom the right person to unite them, or he can unite them at all, But I believe this is the requirement at the moment.

Who can forgive, forget, unite and build cricket in Sri Lanka?

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