Where do we hide Kandamby?

After the fourth ball of the fifth over in the 2010 Asia Cup final, Sangakkara murmurs to Mahela Jayawardene, "Kanda othanta dala oya methanta enna."

Sangakkara was standing up to the stumps for Kulasekara and Kandamby was fielding at first slip, but several feet behind him. Jayawardene who was at short mid-wicket gestures to Kandamby shortly after and switches positions.

Sangakkara asked Jayawardene in Sinhalese to switch places with Kandamby.

I don’t understand why Sangakkara would not just turn around and ask Kandamby to move? I understand why he didn’t want the chubby Kandamby dropping any chances at slip as he had done just a few deliveries before the captain asked Jayawardene to initiate the change.

Can someone explain why Kandamby is in the team and not on a treadmill?

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